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The top 5 bedroom light options everyone should consider

Your bedroom is the place you go to recharge and refresh, so it should be an environment that supports that goal. The importance of lighting is often overlooked, but it can have a huge impact on any room and how you feel in it. It is time to say goodbye to that single overhead fixture and elevate your illumination.

When lighting any room, you will want to have a plan that layers light sources. Look at each layer as accomplishing its own unique goal. There should be the main source, another for specific tasks, and accent lights that will spotlight specific areas or contribute to the room’s aesthetic. Layering also allows you to tailor the amount of light to your needs throughout the day and night, depending on the amount of natural light present. Here we break down our picks for the lights that will bring your bedroom from dark and stark to glowing and inspired.

Ambient lighting

This is the primary source of lighting in a room. It will be the foundation that all the other lighting is based off. It should illuminate the entire bedroom without giving off too much glare. In a bedroom, you may want to consider a lighting source that can be dimmed when the room needs to have a restful, relaxed mood and full light at other times.

For a clean, modern look, this Andover Mills Drum Flush Mount offers a classic, contemporary design that will work with any design style. It gives off a bright glow but is compatible with a dimmer switch.

To give your bedroom an earthy, industrial touch, this Hoyne Pendant from Crate and Barrel features a sculptural design. It uses a large globe bulb and will be a striking addition to any room.

Task lighting

Task lights are for when you are doing specific things like reading in bed. They are often mounted on the walls next to the bed or placed on night tables and come with adjustable arms allowing you to focus light exactly where you need it. Another bonus—since they are within arm’s reach even when you are reclining in bed, turning them off is easy. We love this sconce from West Elm for its sculptural body and mid-century flare.

Accent lighting

This is where the fun comes in. Accent lighting can add just as much interest to a space as any other design accessory. It is often used to highlight artwork or architectural features. It can be a wall sconce, tabletop, or floor lamp that offers a more subdued version of illumination than the main source. The Murano Sconce by Pottery Barn has a rustic, handcrafted look and casts a warm glow. It works well to highlight a specific spot or as in pairs on either side of a window.

The Uteki table lamp from Anthropologie features hand-painted terra cotta in contrasting hues. Placed on a dresser or side table, this accent will infuse your space with a boho, global vibe.

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