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The best neon sign lights to brighten up your decor

Who said wall art can only be paintings or posters? When you want to make your home more enjoyable, a neon sign is the best way to personalize your space. These modern accessories look great in any room and give it a burst of color that turn a dull space into an immediate party.

Attract new customers and welcome your regulars back with a neon sign that lets everyone know you’re open for business. With a brightly colored sign, your shop is sure to catch the eye of everyone who walks by. Your restaurant will draw more customers than ever, and all heads will turn toward your storefront with a neon sign that keeps business booming. Let’s take a look at our favorites.

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OYE HOYE LED Moon Star-Shaped Neon Signs

Best for Bedrooms

Give your bedroom a soft warm glow with the OYE HOYE LED Moon Star Shaped Neon Sign. This charming neon lighting works great as a night light while also setting a fun ambiance with an easy-to-use USB connection. With its clear PC background, this LED light can be mounted easily and doesn’t lose its shape.

ADVPRO Personalized Neon Sign

Best Customization

Nothing says house party like the ADVPRO Personalized Neon Sign. Make your home the place to be every weekend and bring on the fun with this customizable sign that keeps the party going all night long. Customize your message, and choose from 13 different colors to match your room’s theme and decor. With a 5.5-foot cable and a convenient on/off switch, you can hang your personalized sign anywhere and let the good times roll.

Ultima LED Neon Open Sign

Best for Business

With two lighting modes and easy installation, the Ultima LED Neon Open Sign is a long-lasting and reliable sign to welcome customers to your business. Click on the ultra-bright lights and easy-to-read fonts of this vertical sign and attract more customers than ever. Great for shops, hotels, liquor stores, food trucks, and more.

Neon signs are eye-catching and fun-looking. Whether you use them to decorate your home, set the mood for a party, or attract customers to your business, the items on our list won’t disappoint. These lively and long-lasting decorative accessories shine no matter where you place them.

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