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These 9 products make organizing your bathroom counter a breeze

Between makeup, lotions, razors, hair dryers, flat irons, and other hair and beauty products, your bathroom vanity can turn into a cluttered mess. But, transforming an organizational nightmare into a neat, tidy dream is easier than you think. With a few simple tips and our bathroom vanity organization ideas, you’ll create the bathroom you’ve always wanted to have. 

Bathroom vanity organization ideas

Vanity trays are an effective and attractive way to corral toiletries on your bathroom counter. One of the best bathroom vanity organization ideas, trays create boundaries to keep your spray bottles, lotions, and perfumes from taking over the entire countertop. Choose a moisture-proof material and one that’s easy to wipe clean. There is a wide assortment of vanity trays available online, with many specifically made for bath storage in colors and materials meant to complement popular bathroom finishes and fixtures.

To maximize the organization of your vanity tray, we suggest adding:

  • Canisters and jars: Cotton swabs, cotton balls, and other small items you use every day deserve a special place on your vanity. Keep them readily on hand, as well as clean and sanitary, inside an assortment of decorative jars and canisters. Get creative with repurposed mason jars, vintage tins, covered candy jars—anything that looks attractive and does the job.

  • Open containers: Hairbrushes, combs, and makeup applicators need a place of their own, too. Why not house them in open containers for easy, well-organized access? Vintage teacups, bud vases, etched glassware—your options are virtually unlimited. Find containers that work with your decor and group them on your vanity tray for pretty and practical storage. 

bathroom drawer with dividersMore practical products to declutter the bathroom

While a vanity tray will keep your countertop items organized, the best way to declutter your bathroom counter is by keeping as many things off the counter as possible. With the morning rush to get ready and so many daily health and beauty products to contend with, for both him and her, bathroom counters can get cluttered—here’s how to keep yours in line!

  • Wall-mounted holders: Toothbrush holders and soap or lotion dispensers that mount to the wall, free up counter space and keep your daily necessities within easy reach.

  • Drawer trays: Perfect for hair accessories, makeup products, nail files, and all of those other miscellaneous items you need that can get easily lost. Divided drawer organizers tucked inside your bathroom cabinets keep items organized and out of sight.

  • Shelving units: There’s always room for a shelf, even in the smallest bathroom. With styles and sizes to suit every bathroom dimension, a wall-mounted shelf holds towels, toiletries, decorative items, or whatever other items work for your needs and your space. 

  • Over-the-door hanging storage: Take advantage of wasted bathroom real-estate by utilizing the back of the bathroom door with an over-the-door hanging rack to store the items you need and keep them off your bathroom counter. 

  • Over-the-toilet racks: Open shelving units take full advantage of an often forgotten spot that can offer precisely the storage space your bathroom lacks.  

  • Extra makeup bags: This dollar store hack can keep headbands, hair ties, manicure tools, hairpins, and other tiny items out of the way but neatly stored. Cute bags of “stuff” are far less cluttered looking than piles of loose items inside drawers or cabinets.

Face it; we could all use more space in the bathroom. But unless you’re planning a total bathroom renovation, the space you have is the space you have. By following our tips and tricks and picking up a few practical storage items, you’ll make the most of every inch of space in your bathroom.

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