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White Christmas tree decorations: Getting the most from your statement piece

Lights, ornaments, and styles that make your white Christmas tree pop

Decorated white Christmas tree

The Christmas tree is a centerpiece decoration for all who celebrate. And this Christmas, an old favorite is bringing a new twist to the season.

Once relegated to the 80s-movie irony bin, the white Christmas tree is having a comeback moment. And why not? It’s a great way to spice up an annual tradition that can, for all its majesty, get a little stale.

Dreaming of white Christmas in your home this holiday? Here’s everything you need to know about white Christmas trees and how to get the most from your statement piece.

Silver ball ornament on a white Christmas tree

White Christmas trees: The basics

White Christmas trees are no longer the niche item they were just a few years ago. They’re now available through just about every major retailer. Generally speaking, they are as easy to find and assemble as a normal artificial tree. There’s nothing to water and no pine needles to clean up. White Christmas trees have an ethereal glow, evoking snow-covered mountains and bright midwinter sunlight. This makes them an eye-catching crown jewel for any holiday-ready household.

One word of caution, however, if you’re looking for the most eco-conscious Christmas tree, you’re better off opting for a real tree. There has been significant debate on this issue, but real trees tend to be the greener (pun intended) option by and large, unless you plan to reuse your artificial tree for 20 years or more, which is far higher than the average.

White Christmas tree with pastel decorations

White Christmas tree decorating tips

As with their green counterparts, decorating options for white Christmas trees are limited only by your imagination. But there are a few approaches that work particularly well for white trees, accentuating and capitalizing on their dramatic look.

Here are a few ideas to get your yuletide creative juices flowing:

  • Don’t skimp on the lights: Want to bring out the inherent glow of the white Christmas tree? Lights are key. Classic white lights provide clean, classic beauty, while multicolored lights accentuate the white Christmas tree’s aura of fun.
  • Silver and gold: It’s more than a Burl Ives song. Shimmering metallic ornaments pop like never before in front of a bright white backdrop. Want to further enhance the effect? Swaddle your gifts in silver and gold wrapping and ribbon. Looking for the same effect, but with a splash of color? Try ornaments with rich jewel tones.
  • Vary the size and style: Christmas trees don’t have to follow the classic pine pattern. Smaller trees can make great accents in smaller rooms, on the front porch, or on a tabletop. You can also opt for white Christmas trees with a more metallic finish or that simulate the look of deciduous trees or bare branches.
  • Pastels: Light pinks and blues soften the brightness of the white Christmas tree, bringing a light and festive shine to the proceedings.

White Christmas trees are an ideal way to spice up your annual holiday routine. They can add a sense of whimsy or they can deliver a special elegance you can’t get from a typical tree. Shop around in s store or online and see whether you’d like to brighten your Christmas with a stunning white tree.

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