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Get inspired by these truly creative maximalist bedroom decor ideas

If you love bold colors, lots of patterns and texture everywhere, and being surrounded by all the things that inspire you in one place, a maximalist bedroom may be for you. Maximalist style is all about excess. There are no rules when it comes to color, shape, and textures — nothing is off-limits. Want floor-to-ceiling artwork hanging on your walls? Want to have all mismatched vintage furniture? Want dark, bold colors on every wall? These are not only acceptable in a maximalist bedroom; they are celebrated.

We found some fun and funky bedroom designs that any maximalist can draw inspiration from, whether they’re redecorating a bedroom or starting from scratch with a blank canvas. We love these ideas for the eclectic, boho-inspired at heart.

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Mix and match

The use of many bright colors, patterns, and textures is what makes a maximalist bedroom come to life. We love @thecrazydaisycottage’s bedroom wall because it combines everything a maximalist loves — color, unique patterns, wood combined with mixed metals, and a playful, cheerful place to spend time. This would work well in a kid’s bedroom or playroom, or even in an office.

Don’t be afraid of small spaces

If you’re on the fence about whether maximalism is right for you, start small. We love this bedroom by @clarafy_it because it combines multiple colors and wall decor without overwhelming those just stepping into this aesthetic. There’s enough blank space to continue to fill in if the mood strikes, or you could leave it as is. The stained glass and vintage light in the corner are enough of a nod to the style to consider this a maximalist approach to bedroom decor. It packs a lot of design into a small space without overwhelming it.

Embrace wallpaper

Once you get your bedroom furniture in place, the fun can begin on the walls. We love bold, patterned wallpaper as a backdrop for framed art, pictures, and knickknacks from places traveled. We love this Beverly Hill Hotel-inspired bedroom in head-to-toe pink, green, and blue. The unique lighting — both on the ceiling and as bedside lamps — draws your eyes up and out, and the room itself is a maximalist lover’s dream.

Don’t forget the details

In a bedroom, decor isn’t just for the walls (though we love the choices in this next bedroom). The bed pillows also play a big role in bringing in pattern and texture. We love the deep green velvet pillows paired with a more feminine design of pink and white toile, then finished with a sexy animal print. All of this plays to a backdrop of gorgeous patterned wallpaper to anchor the room.

What is an eclectic bedroom?

An eclectic bedroom means there is nothing off-limits. You should embrace every element from metal to wood to rattan and wicker, colorful textiles, and bold prints in area rugs, duvet covers, and pillows. Eclectic also means combining different design styles — sort of a modern meets boho meets farmhouse meets traditional, and everything in between. It means surrounding yourself with items that bring you joy. This could be floor-to-ceiling bookshelves, artwork from a place you traveled, colors that inspire you, or a shelf filled with plants to bring nature indoors. The good news is that there are no wrong answers here, so find items that speak to you and put them all together.

Maximalism is about creating a space that inspires your creativity, reminds you of past adventures, and helps tell the story of your life. Nowhere is this more fun to use as a design than the bedroom. Of course, the bedroom is where we go to unwind, relax, and recharge for the next day, so many people choose calming colors to help them feel tranquil and calm. But that doesn’t work for everyone. A maximalist feels calm surrounded by the things they love. It’s a “more is more” mentality that draws people to this design style, and the bedroom is a place just for you. So why not use the space to create an environment that inspires you?

We love paint colors for the bedroom in deep blue, emerald green, and even black. Paint can be paired with an accent wall in a patterned wallpaper overlaid with art and other decor that speaks to you. You can use bookshelves or hanging shelves for all of your baubles and collections — the more well-traveled, the better. We are all increasingly becoming global citizens, and maximalist design will continue to rise in popularity for many years to come.

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