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These unique Christmas tree topper ideas will elevate your holiday decor

Bows, stars, and angels: These are some of the best Christmas tree toppers

The tree topper is perhaps the main feature of any Christmas tree, so you want to make sure it creates a statement! While we’re all familiar with classic toppers like the angel or the star, there are several other unique ideas to help you elevate your holiday decor. So whether you’re looking for a tree topper that works with your quirky theme this year or you want a fun project to do this holiday season, we have a few Christmas tree toppers you won’t want to miss.




10 minutes

What You Need

  • 2.5 inch wire ribbon (25 yards)

  • Scissors

  • String

  • Zip tie

  • Ruler

Stylish room interior with a beautiful Christmas tree and decorative fireplace

Classic Christmas tree toppers

Classic tree toppers are a fantastic choice for people who want to take a more traditional approach to their Christmas decor. Below are some of the most common toppers and how you can pull off a classic look in your home.

The angel

The angel on top of the tree is a Christmas staple. Elegant, ethereal, and reminiscent of the holiday's religious backing, this is a great tree topper for a family who wants to honor the Christmas holiday. When using an angel as the tree topper, it’s important to choose one with colors that match your existing scheme. White and gold tones are perfect for a tree with this classic aesthetic.

The star

The star is perhaps the most popular adornment for the classic Christmas tree. With so many options to choose from between gold or silver colors, the simple five-point star or a more complex shape with many arms, or even a DIY paper-crafted star, there’s something for everybody. You don’t have to follow a scheme with this topper. So, it can be a fantastic choice for eclectic tree decorators.

The bow

The bow is another tree topper that garners a lot of popularity. Bows are classy, fun, and creative. You may have seen these tree toppers on those fancy, perfectly designed hotel and department store Christmas trees. But they aren’t only reserved for a tree with the perfect scheme! You can DIY your own bow to top off your tree this year. Follow our small DIY bow tree topper guide below.

Christmas bow decoration on a tree

How to make a tree topper bow

Christmas tree topper bows are an easy and stylish DIY addition to your decor. If you’re interested in adding this classic touch to your design, why not make something unique and personalized how you want it?

Here’s how you can make a tree topper bow.

Step 1: Fan and fold the wire ribbon about 12 inches wide with 6 inches on either side of where the middle of the bow will be. Don’t bother cutting the ribbon yet. You want to ensure you have plenty of length to work with to create a full bow.

Step 2: Create about 14 loops on each side as you fan and fold your ribbon.

Step 3: Once done, cut the ribbon so that the end is in the middle.

Step 4: Cut a slim "V" shape on either side of the middle part of the ribbon folds you created. Use a zip tie to secure the middle. This will keep your ribbon held together while you fan out your bow. Don't cut the loops you made on either side.

Step 5: Separate, twist, and fan out the loops to begin fluffing your bow. Move the loops around to create a fuller look and hide the zip tie.

Step 6: Keep doing this until your bow is fully fanned out.

Step 7: Cut some ribbon to create tails for your bow. The length is up to you, but we recommend holding it up to your Christmas tree to see what length you like best.

Step 8: Tie string around one end of your ribbon tails with about 2 inches of extra length left over to ensure the string doesn’t slide off.

Step 9: Tie string between the knot you made on the ribbon tail and through the zip tie to secure them. This step can differ slightly depending on how you want to attach your ribbon tails. But securing them to the zip tie will help hold the entire ensemble together.

Step 10: Finally, hang your bow up on your Christmas tree!

Mini Christmas tree on a table by a window

Unique Christmas tree topper ideas

Aside from the classic tree toppers that dominate living rooms during this holiday, you can also opt for more unique decorations that add a bit more personality to your decor.

A snowman

DIY snowmen toppers are a cute way to lean into a blue-and-white Christmas theme this year. You can find this topper all over Pinterest, and it's often made from two to three Styrofoam balls with buttons and mini hats or scarves glued to them.

A crown

For a regal look, you can always opt for a crown on top of your tree! Glam lovers may find this option to be the perfect fit for their space. Glittery ornaments, sparkling gold and silver tinsel, and other luxurious touches can make this tree topper really stand out.

A bouquet

Bouquets are another fantastic Christmas tree topper idea. We recommend using seasonal flowers, like poinsettias, to add an extra flair to your holiday decor. Pine cones, evergreen sprigs, twigs, and alternative red flowers can be a great way to add a fresh and vibrant touch to your Christmas design scheme without looking too cheesy.

Choosing a Christmas tree topper can be fun, especially when you plan to incorporate it into your holiday design scheme. Whether you want a traditional look or prefer something more unique, there are plenty of options to choose from. And thankfully, DIYing your own decor can be super simple. Just be sure to play some jolly tunes and eat your Christmas sweets while you’re at it to really lean into the seasonal splendor.

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