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The best ironing board covers for damage protection

Protecting an ironing board from damage caused by heat generated from an iron is job No. 1 for an ironing-board cover. So, a good cover needs to be produced from heat-resistant material, like these desirable options.

Ironing-board covers are available in many sizes, colors, and styles. Take a look at these covers that hold promise in protecting your ironing board of choice.

Epica Silicone Coated Ironing Board Cover

Best ironing board overall

Image used with permission by copyright holder

What might be considered a top overall ironing board cover? Perhaps the Epica cover, which is available in a 15” x 54” size to fit all standard ironing boards. (B00WKWYHPU)

Ezy Iron Padded Ironing Board Cover

Best padded ironing board cover

Image used with permission by copyright holder

If you’re searching for an ironing-board cover with a thick padding, then the Ezy Ironing Board Cover just might be the best padded option on the market. The Ezy cover offers an exclusive fabric design with very thick padding.  The heavy-duty cover can hold and reflect heat, stay in place without moving or slipping, and last a long time.

Gorilla Grip Reflective Ironing Board Cover

Best decorative ironing board cover

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Although all ironing-board covers need to offer optimal protection, they don’t have to look dull and boring. The Gorilla Grip Reflective Ironing Board Cover is a top decorative model, available in six attractive designs as well as two solid colors.

Whether you’re seeking a long-lasting, thick-padded, or stylish ironing board cover — or perhaps one meets all three desires — these covers just might do the trick.

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