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This dated (and ugly) pink bathroom is instantly refreshed with one simple wallpaper change

We love how this pink bathroom is completely transformed

There is not much you won’t get an answer to on Reddit. There are subreddit pages for just about everything under the sun, and home decorating inspiration is one that always delivers. If you are considering a change to your home, building a new home, or just love all things home decor, the r/HomeDecorating page is for you. One Redditor posted an update to her pink bathroom, and it is stunning.

“Giving our 1961 pink tile half-bath a refresh with some new wallpaper! Still a work in progress,” u/GroovyGerbers wrote. Just a simple wallpaper change completely transformed the space, breathing new life into a dated bathroom. Here is why we love it and how you can do it in any space.

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Look for people who’ve tried it before

The internet is full of people sharing their real-life experiences in home redecorating, so why not take advantage of people who have tried and succeeded? There’s an entire movement called Save the Pink Bathrooms that is all things renovation and restoration of that era, which I personally love because my grandma’s Ohio home still has the original pink and light grey decor, complete with pink toilet, sink, and bathtub. The original Redditor of this post actually thanked her for giving her inspiration for her own pink bathroom.

Start small

I love how this Redditor started small with just a change to the wallpaper and paint on the window. It can be easy to take on an entire bathroom, but sometimes little changes pack the biggest punch. Whether that’s painting a cabinet, adding a feature wall, or swapping wallpaper, sometimes just getting started is all you need to see a bigger path in front of you.

Listen to the hype

Social media can sometimes give you immediate feedback, and in the case of decorating, it can help spur on other ideas or validate your choices. “Such a bold choice and so perfect. It really makes the 60s pink tile look fresh and modern,” one Redditor wrote after seeing the bathroom transformation.

Another added in another possible recommendation: “Love it — I did the same with my 1949 aqua bathroom. I personally love the tile in the houses from this era, and the quality would cost a fortune to replicate now. 75 [year-old] house and not a crack in any tile or grout… I also swapped out the toilet seat for a black one, and it pulled the room together even more. And then small details like [changing] the TP holder to a chrome instead of white plastic — like a $3 update, so why not.”

One of the best parts of buying an older home is the architecture, character, and vintage-inspired decor that comes with it. Why not lean into the history while bringing it a modern vibe? The choice of wallpaper for this bathroom is just one of many ideas you can implement today in a dated room. It’s time to get started.

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