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How to paint over ’70s faux-wood paneling

Follow these tips and tricks to learn how to remove old paint from wood furniture safely and efficiently
Learn how to refresh your painted wooden furniture
Two wooden chairs next to each other: one is painted red and one is natural wood

Painted wood furniture can be beautiful and elegant, adding more character or a focal point to a room in your home. However, painted wood furniture is not quite as nice once the paint starts to peel and flake off. If you have a piece or two of furniture like this and want to give them some new life, the first step is to remove the old paint.

The process is very DIY-friendly, but it is important to complete the process carefully to achieve the best results. Check out the steps below on how to remove paint from wood furniture.

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How to distress white kitchen cabinets for a perfect vintage look
Distressed kitchen cabinets: A complete guide
Italian kitchen with white cabinets

Your cabinetry is one of the strongest focal points in your kitchen. While it may not be as sleek and shiny as stainless steel appliances, it usually runs across the entire room, bringing the whole space together. Therefore, when designing your kitchen according to a theme, it’s crucial that your cabinetry aligns with the overall design style. For rustic themes specifically, using antique cabinetry will make sure your remodel is a home run.

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How to ‘antique’ kitchen cabinets for a gorgeous vintage look
Primitive Kitchen Cabinets

Transforming plain kitchen cabinets into an antique-looking storage space is one of the easiest and most cost-efficient ways to make a statement in your kitchen. With just a few intelligent hacks, you can make your kitchen look like you spent an exorbitant sum sourcing the rare furnishings and décor.

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