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Home office decor ideas to help you be more productive and happier while working from home

Get motivated with these mood-boosting home office decor ideas

Many of us find ourselves working from home these days, and for some, the distractions of home life can make it difficult to stay on task. That’s why you need only the best home office decor to boost your mood and productivity.

Whether your home office is a large room unto itself or a makeshift desk in your dining room space, the decor is key to making your surroundings conducive to getting things done. Here are some great home office decor ideas to help you be more productive and happy while working from home.

Person sitting at home office desk in front of window on computer
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Right off the bat, you know we have to recommend plants for your home office. Plants give your space calming vibes so you can ward off work-related stress as much as possible. This can be as simple as a small bamboo plant or bonsai tree on your desk, or you can get more creative with a hanging plant or tall indoor plant.

Floating shelves

It’s crucial to keep clutter off of your desk while you’re working. A messy desk can mean a messy mind when it comes to your home office. As a solution to this, we highly recommend installing some floating shelves either above or near your desk. This way, you can store important items and documents close by without having them all over your workspace.

Floor lamp with shelves

Speaking of shelves, the tall, sleek, geometric floor lamp-shelf combo is an ever-popular and useful addition to any home office. It lights up the space and can display any odds and ends you may want in your office.

Midcentury modern chair with leather seat by a desk with an industrial lamp and a retro typewriter in a white home office interior
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Wire grid

Here’s a tip: Drop the corkboard and try out a wire grid for hanging up notes instead. Wire grids look much more clean and classy, and less like you’re studying in a dorm room than your traditional corkboard option. With a wire grid, you can use small clothespins to hang photos or sticky notes that keep you motivated and make it your own.

Room divider

A room divider can be super useful if your home office shares a space with, say, your laundry room or living room. They’re available in all sorts of fun patterns, and they quite literally put a wall between you and the rest of your home so you can focus only on work when at your desk. Plus, they can make a pretty great Zoom background without having to use a virtual one!

Man working at his computer on a desk in his home office
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Light-filtering curtains

We can’t stress this one enough: Having light in your home office is key. Hopefully, your office space has windows, and if it does, then make sure you adorn them with light-filtering curtains or blinds. Letting the light in can boost your energy, brighten your mood, and make you more motivated than if you’re sitting in a dark, dreary space.

When it comes to home office decor ideas, these options can all be effective in making you happier and more productive. Working from home isn’t always ideal, but creating a space that suits you and your needs goes a long way.

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