6 ways to give your entryway a modern feel

The modern aesthetic values clean lines, simple, functional pieces, and natural materials. Bright, light-filled rooms and reflective materials like metal and glass are also important factors to consider. When it comes to your entryway design, there are some key changes you can make to give your front space a more modern feel. To be exact, here are six ideas you can try today.

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Install a new door

A big part of the entryway that people shockingly overlook when they want to makeover their home is the front door. If your door is in need of a dire upgrade, invest in a simple modern model. Popular choices include dark wooden doors with narrow glass panels, large, unpainted wooden doors, and all-glass doors.
Don’t be afraid to be bold, but also think in practical terms: Glass may not be right for areas with extreme summers and winters, but wood is a pragmatic choice. Avoid doors with ornate designs and paints, and choose long, linear bar pulls instead of old-fashioned bronze handles.

Go big with a mirror

Modern aesthetic makes the most of natural light, so even if your entryway doesn’t get a lot of sun, a large mirror changes the game. It will reflect any light it touches during the day, making your entryway brighter and more appealing.

Choose big, round mirrors with thin metal or wooden frames. If you want to go for more rectangular shapes, the same rule applies: Opt for thin, natural frames. Mirrors are often paired with entryway desks and tables, but if you choose not to go this route (or if there is simply no room in your cramped entryway), place it over a small floating shelf instead.

Invest in a multipurpose storage bench

When it comes to modern decor, a no-fuss approach is essential. Instead of baroque tables that can hardly hold a few candles, choose a multifunctional storage bench you can use for miscellaneous items and as a sitting area when you’re kicking off your shoes. Most storage benches have a top lid that opens up to reveal a hollowed inside, but there are mid-century bench designs that feature a bench and an attached drawer.

Unvarnished wooden benches with neutral padding like gray or black are great choices. These are narrow enough to be inconspicuous but impactful enough to make your modern entryway design come to life.

Choose a neutral color scheme

Another important modern design aesthetic is a neutral color scheme emphasizing natural colors like browns, whites, metals, and other colors usually found in nature. This is where unpainted and unvarnished furniture can make the most impact, as you use them in their raw, unaltered form.

This also prevents homes from looking more eclectic and extra colorful, which isn’t a bad thing — unless of course you’re aiming for a modern feel. So, stick to neutrals especially in your entryway where you can set the tone for the rest of your home.

Highlight a marble or metal statue

Metals and marble are big in modern design. Bronze, brass, silver, and iron are also popular choices for artists. Since you have a neutral color scheme, any of these materials will mesh with the rest of your decor.

Statues and art pieces are interesting, intriguing, and most importantly, incredibly modern. Listen: You don’t have to cash out with a life-size replica of The Thinker, but a statement piece on your entryway drawer, table, or floor is enough.

Choose a practical rug

Entryway rugs protect your floors from damp, dirt, and scratches. A good modern entryway rug not only looks good, but it should be durable. When it comes to design, geometric shapes like triangles and stripes are a classic choice.

If you want to add a little bit of color to your toned-down scheme, your entryway rug is a good place to do so. Cool blues and pale greens work, as well as warmer yellows like mustard and butterscotch. Choose tough materials like wool that endures years of heavy use while retaining its quality.

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From the front door to your wall hangings, a modern aesthetic is easier to achieve than you think. Now, your modern entryway is only six steps away from perfection. With these helpful tips, you can revamp your front area to a fresh, new, modern space. Most importantly, take your time to choose each piece. Even though you’re decorating under some guidelines, each piece should still reflect you and your family’s personalities.

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