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Secrets revealed: The expert guide to a garage gym remodel

So, you’re looking to convert your garage into a gym. Where do you start? A garage gym remodel may seem like a daunting project, but there are ways to make it quite simple. 

We asked Cathy Spencer-Browning, the vice president of programming and training at Mossa, for her best advice on putting together a new garage gym. With a degree in human movement from Wollongong University in Australia, Spencer-Browning develops fitness programs for Mossa On Demand, a digital streaming service for at-home workouts. Since 1990, she has been educating people across the globe about incorporating fitness into their everyday lives. Here’s what the experienced at-home fitness guru had to say about undertaking a garage gym remodel.

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Start with equipment to get you moving

Your first step is to decide on the equipment you’ll have in your garage gym. Will you need yoga mats? A treadmill? Weights? A stationary bike? It’s easy to get overwhelmed by the options, but Spencer-Browning’s advice is to simply think about what will make you most motivated to open that garage door every day.

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“Make sure you invest in equipment that you will use regularly and that can help you achieve the results you want — whether that’s toning your body or just getting up and moving more,” she said.

If you have a large garage, your first instinct may be to purchase big, fancy equipment. This is totally your chance to get that Peloton bike! However, just make sure that the equipment you buy fits your own workout preferences.

“If you’re investing in a home gym/workout space, it can’t be stressed enough to make sure you enjoy the workouts you’re doing,” Spencer-Browning noted. “If you don’t like running, a treadmill probably isn’t the best piece of equipment for you.”

Add tech and features to fit your workout style

Aside from the actual workout equipment, there are other great additions that can make your garage gym the ultimate personalized fitness space. Again, it all depends on how you enjoy exercising.

“If you liked group fitness classes in the past and are using streaming workouts at home, make sure to set up in a room where you can have a TV, laptop, or another streaming device that’s easily visible,” Spencer-Browning said. “If you love working out to music, invest in good speakers that fit your budget.”

Some other ideas are wall mirrors for those who dance or do yoga and pilates, a WiFi extender for optimal internet connection if you’re participating in live classes, and a water cooler to stay hydrated. 

Plus, you’ll want to add some storage components to the garage gym, such as shelving units or drawers, depending on the equipment you buy. You can store other workout necessities here, such as deodorant, sanitizing spray, water bottles, gym towels — even your workout outfits!

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Use design as motivation

According to Spencer-Browning, your garage gym should make you feel energized and ready to move. That means creating a vibe that puts you right into workout mode.

“The important thing to remember when creating your space is to make it satisfying,” Spencer-Browning said. “Even if you aren’t a ‘fitness buff,’ having space to stretch and do some light exercise is important to get yourself moving and help incorporate it into your weekly routine.”

Whether you are a true gym rat or a beginner at exercising and just want to maintain movement, this space should scream “you.” Don’t try to tailor it to what you think a home gym “should” look like. Your garage gym definitely doesn’t have to be drab and grey — in fact, we suggest using bright lights and light colors that will give a sense of airiness and neatness to keep you motivated. We also suggest using storage techniques that will keep the room tidy and plug-in air fresheners to keep it from smelling too sweaty.

A garage gym remodel can be quite the task, but when you really break it down, you can have your workout space ready in no time. According to our at-home workout expert Cathy Spencer-Browning, it’s all about catering the space to your fitness needs. The types of workouts you engage in regularly will determine how you’ll arrange your garage gym. You want a room that’s inviting and will get you moving and motivated on a regular basis.

Regardless of whether you’re a hard-core physical fitness buff or are just trying to stay active, putting together a garage gym with the right equipment, features, and design can help you stay right on track with your exercise goals.

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