8 living room painting ideas you’ll love

When does a house become a home? Arguably, you will find that your house becomes more welcoming when the rooms you will soon inhabit become a place of comfort and familiarity. So, when your walls greet you with blank colors, you may want to find a way to give your living room more life. Giving your living room a fresh coat of paint will give it a new feel, a new character, and even a new personality. These modern painting techniques will help your living room come alive.

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When you like the feel and pattern of a wallpaper without wanting the hassle of putting it up, using a stencil to paint right on to your wall is a great alternative. It is an easy way to add a sophisticated pattern without needing to follow a complicated pattern by hanging. These stencils can be applied with brushes or with spray paint, and you can easily move it around and line it up to create a consistent pattern across your wall.

Accent Walls

Accent walls are painted a bold color to contrast with the other walls in the room. This is usually a wall that is an entirely different color or a starkly different hue to the current wall colors that populate a room. This is a great choice if you want a quick paint job without having to redo a whole room, and it can break the monotony from having a room with all the same wall colors.

Framing Silhouettes

Bold silhouettes and shapes on a wall can be a great canvas for you to place things on top of them. Silhouettes can be anything from large geometric shapes in a specific color block to more intricate designs that resemble natural subjects or a city skyline. As opposed to a mural, these silhouettes on a wall are meant to be a framing device for anything you may want to put on it. For example, if you have a gallery wall of family photos, a large diagonal against the wall will give the placement of your pictures movement.

Color Washing

Color washing is a form of glaze painting or faux painting where you place a layer of glaze over a base color. Then, you use sponges, stippling brushes, or rags to create a texture that crawls across the wall to make for an interesting heathered look. This technique works best when you use a color with a great gradient. Darker cool colors tend to take on strié well and will give a subtle effect that makes the cool tones pop even more. If you want to go for a lighter color, using a pastel or softer version of that color will make sure that the contrast stays soft between the glazed layer and the base later.

Ombre Walls

Ombre is a color effect where you have a color slowly transition into white. This gradient effect creates a bright wall with an interesting movement that will capture your guests’ attention. You can achieve this with a gradient that is more gradual and smoother. You can also choose to make it more textured by using sponge brushes or impasto techniques to create a raised texture. This kind of wall art will work best with thinner walls and can become a great accent that can complement or contrast the furniture in your room.

Wall Stamping

Bring back the fun of stamps from childhood into your new home with wall stamping. These are an alternative to wall stencils if you are looking for specific patterns. Wall stamping is great for when you want designs that are smaller and less convenient than a wall stencil. All you need to do is roll on the paint and you get a beautiful pattern with a strong press. You can also bring this across rooms to create motifs across your home.

Bold Mural

If you are looking for a great way to express yourself, what better way than to paint a mural right onto your walls. This grants you the ability for a dynamic wall piece that doubles as a piece of artwork that can start conversations when visitors come by. You can pull inspiration from your own life and paint a subject that means something very important to you and your household. If you want something that adds a specific style to a room, find a subject you can paint on the wall.


The strié technique is a classic faux-painting technique that is making a comeback to modern living rooms everywhere. The strié look is achieved by glazing a wall and then dragging a wallpaper paste brush down the still-wet glaze. This gives off a striped look that is soft and textured without the harsh lines of a conventional striped wall. The light contrast between the base and the glaze colors makes for an interesting effect that is pleasing to the eye without it becoming a jarring difference that would stress the eyes out when looking at it.

Let your eyes rest on a beautiful piece of art right on the walls of your home. This is a great DIY job over a weekend for yourself or your family to do together. Once you are all finished, you can all revel at the new piece of art that you get to call your own.

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