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A Valentine’s Day decor guide for every room of the house

Red roses, boxes of chocolates, and hearts absolutely everywhere. There’s no doubt that Valentine’s Day is the most romantic holiday of the year. And, while the day is traditionally celebrated with intimate dinners just for two, Valentine’s Day provides you with ample opportunities for giving your home a romantic refresh just when the winter blues are kicking into high gear. 

Going beyond just the living room or bedroom, we’ll show you ways to liven up every room in your home for Valentine’s Day with our room-by-room Valentine’s Day decoration guide. Let the romance begin!

3 Crucial ingredients for romantic Valentine’s Day decor

Whichever room in your home you’re decorating, three key components instantly add Valentine’s Day ambiance to any setting:

  1. Hearts. The iconic symbol of the season has a way of adding romantic appeal without even trying. There is an abundance of heart-shaped pillows, bowls, wreaths, picture frames, and more available online and at your neighborhood retailers; however, adding hearts to your home’s Valentine’s Day decor can be just as simple as some construction paper and a pair of scissors. In shades of pink and red and various sizes, cutout hearts can be strewn on tabletops, strung on garlands, or affixed to mirror frames and doorways. 
  2. Flowers. An abundance of fresh flowers adds beauty, color, and fragrance to any room. While roses are the traditional go-to flower of Valentine’s Day, any flower you love will be just as perfect. Stick with flowers in shades of red, pink, lavender, or white to keep with the Valentine’s Day theme, and the more flowers, the better! 
  3. Candles. The flickering glow of candlelight adds instant romance. Multiply that with groupings of candles, and you’ve created something truly magical. Place white and red candles of varying shapes and heights, being particularly mindful of mirrors throughout the room. Mirrors will reflect the candles and further enhance the candlelight effect. Note: never leave lit candles unattended. 

Valentine’s Day decor—room-by-room tips!

Living Room

  • Add a cozy red throw to a sofa or armchair to invite loving snuggles with your Valentine. 
  • Add a few Valentine’s Day toss pillows for an instant holiday makeover. You can find countless Valentine’s Day themed pillow covers online. They easily slip over your existing 18”x18” toss pillows and then zip off after the holiday.
  • Fill a clear glass cylinder vase or bowl with shiny red Christmas balls, conversation heart candies, or gummy hearts and place them on a coffee table, shelf, or mantlepiece for an eye-catching centerpiece.
  • Arrange heart-shaped framed photos of you and your Valentine (or other legendary couples) on your mantlepiece, and round out the display with plenty of candles and bud vases overflowing with fresh flowers. 


  • Swap out your regular kitchen towels for a few Valentine’s Day themed ones to brighten the room instantly.
  • Place heart-shaped placemats on your kitchen table and add a centerpiece of colorful flowers housed in a white ceramic pitcher or clear glass vase.
  • Decorate countertops with an assortment of mason jars filled with your favorite Valentine’s Day candies.

Dining Room

  • For all-out drama, go for a monochromatic red-on-red tablescape, with red linens, bountiful bouquets of deep red roses, and ruby-red glass candlesticks holding elegant white tapers.
  • Crisp white linens and dishes, a scattering of tea lights, creamy flowers; if you love all-things elegant, a white-on-white Valentine’s Day tablescape truly delivers. When working with an all-white display, be mindful of adding different textures to keep things interesting. 
  • Temporarily swap out the framed print above your sideboard for a heart-shaped wreath made from dried or silk flowers. 


  • Create a giant heart on the center of the bed using fragrant red rose petals and fill dresser tops with flickering candlelight (watch how the dresser mirror reflects the flame).
  • Add color and ambiance with heart-shaped toss pillows and a red throw blanket cascading from the foot of the bed.
  • Drape net bunting or chiffon scarves along the top of the headboard for a romantic touch.


  • Fill the tub with milky scented bath oils and sprinkled rose petals, and place flowers and unbreakable metal candlesticks and pillar candles all around the bathtub rim.
  • Decorate the bathroom mirror with personal love notes, handwritten with bright red lipstick and finished with personalized lip-print kisses.
  • Heart-shaped bowls filled with flower petals, scented guest soaps, or Valentine’s Day candies add color and ambiance to shelving and sink tops. 

With a little effort and a bit of inspiration, it’s easy to create a romantic retreat you and your Valentine will love. We’ve given you a few ideas to start, but there are so many ideas you can find online that will help inspire your creativity—and the best part is that it doesn’t need to cost a lot to achieve pretty impressive Valentine’s Day results. 

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