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7 fantastic ways to save money on Halloween decor this year

Fall flavors and apple picking have nothing on the excitement that Halloween brings. Kids and adults alike go all-out with creative costumes, themed treats, and, of course, Halloween decor. If you’re a die-hard fan of this spooky holiday, you know how pricey those extensive outdoor and indoor Halloween displays can get. The good news is, there are cheap ways you can decorate your home for Halloween so you don’t go broke right before Christmas. We’re going to review seven ingenious ways to save money on Halloween decor this year so you can have a spooky home with money to spare.

How to get Halloween decorations on the cheap

In many neighborhoods and families, there’s a “go big or go home” kind of attitude when it comes to Halloween decorations. If you want to go as big as you can without spending a fortune, you just need to know where to shop and when to start preparing. We’ve got you covered.

Hit up a thrift store

Your local thrift store might have some treasured finds in the Halloween decorations area, especially in the weeks leading up to the holiday. You see, when people start to pull out their bins of Halloween decorations in early fall, they tend to purge them, donate what they don’t want, and upgrade to new decorations. Their trash can become your treasure!

Ask friends and family for their leftovers

If you’d rather know where your secondhand Halloween decorations are coming from, hit up your network of friends and family. You probably know one or two Halloween die-hards that are purging their decorations as we speak. Reach out and ask if they have any gently used decor they want to get rid of and if you can take it off their hands for a reasonable price — or even for free.

Check out dollar stores

Most people think holiday decorations at the local dollar store are flimsy and pretty much disposable. The truth is, most of the decorations are made with plastic so they’re incredibly durable, particularly for outdoor use. Plastic doesn’t weather quickly, so you could have that super low-priced decor for a few years.

Consider DIY Halloween decor

If you’re crafty, making your own Halloween decor will save you a bundle. Making your own ghosts, gravestones, and scarecrows are simple and effective ways to make your porch look spooky without spending a lot. Inside your home, decorative homemade spider webs, witch hats, and even painted mugs and dishware are fantastic DIY additions for the holiday.

Pumpkin group decorating

Don’t buy all your pumpkins at the patch

When it comes to pumpkins, many families have fun traditions of visiting the pumpkin patch and picking out pumpkins to carve and decorate. While you can certainly partake in this tradition, know that pumpkins at the patch are priced quite a bit higher than those at the grocery store, for example. If you love to decorate your porch or even your living room with scads of these quintessential fall crops, get the majority of them at the grocery store and save the pumpkin farm for buying the few you’ll carve with the kiddos.

Plant and grow some Halloween decor

This is a great option for those who have a green thumb. Of course, once you’ve started decorating for Halloween, it’s probably too late to plant, but this is a good tip to keep in mind for next year. Gourds, squash, corn, and, of course, pumpkins are all great bounty to use as fall and Halloween decor since they are ready for harvest around October. They’re great for both indoor and outdoor decorations and you can even eat some of them at the end of the season. Decorate with acorn and butternut squashes for fall and then use these veggies for squash soup when the snow starts to fall. Put pumpkins all around your house and then make pumpkin pie just in time for Thanksgiving.

Stock up on next year’s Halloween decor

Another tip for next year: Make sure you stop in at your local big box stores, dollar stores, and seasonal Halloween stores a day or a week after the holiday. You’ll find steep discounts on this year’s decorations that you can stockpile for next year’s festivities.

Fall is a beloved season for people of all ages, but die-hard Halloween fans really hit their stride when the time comes to decorate for this spooky holiday. If you’re a lover of all things ghouls, goblins, and witches, rest easy knowing you can have that festive, creepy decor this year without breaking the bank.

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