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How to build a man cave that’s rustic – but not boring

If you’re like many men, there’s no better place than your man cave. It’s that one special room reserved just for you, away from the rest of the family, where you’re free to indulge in doing all of the things you love most (even if that thing is doing nothing at all). It’s also a place where you’re free to decorate exactly the way you choose, without having to conform to the standards reserved for your home’s other rooms.

Forget pastel walls and fluffy pillows; this room is all about you: your taste, your style, your way. And if you love all things rustic, we’ll show you how to design the ultimate rustic man cave with this great guide!

How to build a man cave in 5 easy steps!

  1. Find your perfect location. Obviously, an entire basement, room over the garage (ROG), or detached shed or garage is ideal, but you need to work with the space you have. 
  2. Decide on a theme and decorate accordingly. Whether it’s all about sports, or your homage to the old west, whatever your focus may be, you should do your best to choose paint colors, area rugs, furnishings, and accents that reinforce the direction of your space. 
  3. Pick one essential piece of furniture. Now that you have your room selected, it’s time to trick out your space with the perfect rustic furnishings. No matter your space, the single most important piece of furniture in any man cave is seating. Whether you opt for a tried-and-true recliner for one, or a comfy couch made for napping or football watching with the guys, make sure your seating is exactly what YOU want—remember, your space, your way.
  4. Accessorize. You can pick up great wall art and accessories by doing a little thrift shop or yard sale shopping without spending a lot of money. Vintage movie posters, framed photos of sports heroes, even old license plates, neon bar, or wooden craft signs all give your man cave your personal decorative stamp. 
  5. Add the items that make you happy. For many men, a good man cave design starts—and ends—with a flat-screen TV, but if your goal includes other past times, here are a few ideas:

Need a special spot for your weekly poker game with the guys? Pick up a poker table and some folding chairs, then spring for a mini-fridge or even a kegerator, so refreshments are always at hand. 

Want to watch your favorite action movies completely uninterrupted? A flat-screen TV, shelves for your treasured DVD collection, and your favorite armchair and footrest should do the trick!

Love perfecting your pool or ping-pong skills? Your space might not be huge, but if you make a pool or ping-pong table the focal point of the room, you’ll be able to hone your skills and still enjoy your space.

basement apartment convesionMan cave ideas for basements

There are but a few necessities for basement man caves, should you decide to transform this space into one. Being on your own floor gives you an added noise buffer. Get ready to armchair quarterback as loud as you want or blast that blockbuster action flick in stereo sound with less of a chance of disturbing the family.  

As long as you have a designated space, you can create a really great man cave in your basement—even if you can’t lock in the entire basement just for you. Room dividers can help effectively partition an area that’s yours alone. Some even have shelving on one side to give you extra space to house your trophies, sports memorabilia, or gaming supplies. 

Basements can sometimes be a little cold or drafty, so be sure to add an area rug to keep feet from getting too cold and maybe even a space heater for the colder months. And, since it’s your space alone, you can even choose a sports-theme rug, and no one can complain. 

Whether in a spare room, a backyard shed, or a section of your basement, building your own rustic man cave can be a fun way to stretch your creativity and your often overlooked decorating skills. Having a special room that’s just for you gives you a place to be with your friends, spend time alone, and do the things that you really love to do. Regardless of your space or budget constrictions, there is always a way to create a man cave that will be all the guys’ envy.  

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