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The best apothecary jars for a minimalist storage option

These can also be placed on your desk at home with a dried flower or plant for a sprig of nature right at your home. Have a jar of candies at your work desk for an inviting feel to your space for anyone that comes to stop by. Candles make for a perfect centerpiece, and placing an assortment of jars creates a striking collection that will delight anyone and add so much to a room.

Put an apothecary jar in your bathroom to showcase small toiletries to guests. Place a few on your kitchen counter filled with fruit for a simple and striking centerpiece. Transform your entryway with a seasonal potpourri mix that will set the mood for anyone coming in. Take a look at some great choices for apothecary jars that would give you the best bang for your buck.

STORi Premium Plastic Apothecary Jars

Best overall

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Have little ones around that may make glass apothecary jars impractical and even dangerous? These Premium Plastic Apothecary Jars by STORi are an excellent choice for a designer look with none of the danger. Don’t be mistaken — just because these jars are lightweight and plastic doesn’t mean that they are constructed cheaply. They are a high-quality plastic that can fool anyone to think that it’s glass.

The acrylic plastic jars are made to fit your bathroom vanity, kitchen counter, and even your living room coffee table. These versatile jars are food-safe and can hold anything you would want to store beautifully.

EPICA Clear Cotton Ball and Swab Organizer

Best apothecary jar design

Image used with permission by copyright holder

Classic design meets modern use with these minimalistic organizers. The understated charm of these apothecary jars make it perfect for someone who wants to add to a room without calling attention to their storage containers. The break-resistant acrylic makes it easy to withstand harsh bumps or drops that may come from everyday use. The scratch-resistant design also keeps your items looking beautiful in their sleek, compartmentalized homes. Simply clean these with soap and water for easy reusability for anywhere at home.

mDesign Glass Apothecary Jars

Best glass apothecary jars

Image used with permission by copyright holder

For those looking for a beautiful glass storage jar, mDesign has Glass Apothecary Jars are durably made and have quality construction at the forefront of its design. The container is glass, while the lid is made of a rust-resistant steel that can be easily cleaned with a damp cloth. Your storage doesn’t need to be bland with mDesign’s multiple colors and designs for you to choose from. Pick one that fits what’s best for you and what expresses you the best.

The design gives plenty of room for storing smaller items you would have at home while displaying them tastefully for everyone to see. No more hiding your things in drawers or cabinets — be unafraid of showing off your storage with these jars.

Apothecary jars are meant to display anything that you may usually hide at home. Incorporate organization into your room’s stylings with these jars while adding a touch of charm without taking away or disrupting a room’s design. Practical and elegant, useful, and well-designed, there is no surprise as to why these apothecary jars came back in vogue for many households. Join in and see why everyone is jumping at the chance to add these staples to their home decor.

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Why put plants in your shower?
Above and beyond adding a bit of color to your dim shower, there are some health and environmental benefits to keeping plants in your shower.
Less unwanted moisture
It's no secret that bathrooms tend to be hot spots for humidity. Excessive amounts of moisture, however, can have some adverse effects. Mold can grow around your bathroom, the paint on the walls can peel, and certain nasty bugs are attracted to moist places. A shower plant can help reduce unwanted moisture in your bathroom and minimize some of these issues. Since plants need water, they suck it right out of the air, providing the added benefit of not having to water the plant as often.
Cleaner air
You probably know that plants pull carbon dioxide out of the air and emit oxygen, right? But did you know that while this process is taking place, the plant is also filtering the air and pulling toxins out of it? With all of the cleaning products, hair products, and other nasty molecules that leave toxins in your bathroom's air, having a shower plant will allow you to breathe a bit easier and healthier.
Mental health benefits
Having indoor plants comes with numerous health benefits, but the most significant are the benefits to your mental health. We all know that plants are therapeutic, and studies have shown that plants help with stress relief, energy boosts, and even increased concentration and productivity. Why not reap all these mental health benefits right at the start of your day while you shower in the morning?
Elevated decor
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What colors are in cream?
At its most basic level, the color cream is a combination of yellow and white. However, if you’ve been shopping for cream paint, you already know it is far more complicated than that when you’re face to face with dozens of differing paint swatches. These days, there are thousands of different shades of cream, with each one bringing something slightly different to the table.

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