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Beautiful outdoor fireplace ideas you have to know about

Among every other thing, an outdoor fireplace adds warmth and comfort to your patio or deck. It guarantees that you can spend some time outside after dark, even during cooler weather. Your fireplace can be made of brick, stone, or another durable material. It is rather important to ensure your outdoor fireplace is aesthetically pleasing, as it forms a dramatic focal point for you and your company. There are plenty of beautiful outdoor fireplace ideas that will make your evening more enjoyable and your next outdoor event memorable.

patio with seating area and fireplace
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Stone fireplaces

Your fireplace may have brick siding and columns, but adding stone elements can enhance its beauty. Country Living suggests building your own firepit. It’s a simple idea and fulfills its purpose. You’ll make your own creation to be proud of and show off. All you need is some comfortable lounge chairs, a guitar, and a nice night to sing “Kumbaya.”

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Brick fireplaces

Brick can appear on several surfaces throughout your covered fireplace area. An all-brick fireplace surround can be an extension of the flooring and nearby columns, and its soaring height will allow it to serve as the main focus of the outdoor area. Bricks arranged in a herringbone pattern on the inside of the firebox can add a hint of subtle contrast, says Better Homes & Gardens.

fire pit in seating area

Swimming pool fire pit

Your next outdoor fireplace can be fixed right in your swimming pool or hot tub area. Opt for a fire pit surrounded by an outdoor square garden and seats for relaxation and chatting. One unique option from Houzz is having a pool fire bowl. These are fire pits that are placed on the side of an in-ground pool. Some homeowners have pool fire bowls symmetrically placed around the pool; a luxurious look for any home.

Bohemian fireplace

A bohemian design calls for a tall pile of wood near your fireplace. A pile of wood is both functional and attractive. It’s convenient for stocking wood for the fireplace, of course, but it also accents the wall and brings warmth to the whole area, states Elle Decor. It’s a classic look for a fireplace as it brings in the natural energies of the outdoors.

Mix-and-match brick fireplace

Consider outfitting your outdoor fireplace with a handful of round stones distributed across the predominantly brick display. The stones and bricks can be in an uneven and wavy pattern, which conveys casual energy perfect for a hangout area. This conversation space can be made more comfortable by including an overhead umbrella and cushioned outdoor chairs.

Double-sided outdoor fireplace

This type of fireplace is a striking two-sided fireplace that pulls double duty as a room divider. Accessible from both sides, the structure divides a dining space and a casual seating area on a spacious patio. Your fireplace’s brick accents, such as on the chimney and around the firebox, can help the soaring piece look grounded. However, this fireplace is not suited for all homes. As SFGate states, the draft coming in from both sides can pose as an issue. It’s recommended to have a door on one side to prevent this from occurring.

There are tons of beautiful fireplace ideas to help you enjoy your evenings even more than before. Opt for the fireplace idea that best suits your style and the space you have to play with.

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