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Here are the interior design trends experts say are on the way out in 2024

If you’re home still features these design trends, you might consider a change

Neutral and green color palette for living room design
Aleksandra Zlatkovic / Getty Images

Home design sees many trends throughout the year. Unfortunately, not every trend gets to stay. As we move into 2024, a few trends have become fads or outdated, and instead, they are being replaced with new aesthetics that people are falling head over heels for.

If you’re curious about which interior design trends are on the way out in 2024, then you’re in luck. Here’s what the experts say you should avoid and what to do instead.

Living room with faux wood vinyl floors
Syafa Muhibin / Shutterstock

What’s out: Gray laminate flooring

Gray laminate flooring has been outdated for a while, but many homeowners are still clinging to it, hoping that this neutral may appeal to buyers. The truth is gray laminate flooring no longer holds the appeal it once did.

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House of Hive Design Co. on TikTok says, “In 2024, we are done with gray.” This is because gray laminate floors look manufactured and inorganic.

What to do instead: Warm, natural hardwood flooring

To counter this outdated trend, 2024 is ushering in a new era. “The upcoming year is the year of brown,” says House of Hive Design Co. People crave warm, natural-looking hardwood flooring that can become a timeless addition to the space.

dark green living room with green sofa and gold details
Followtheflow / Shutterstock

What’s out: All-white everything

Forbes says, “White was the ‘it’ neutral for so many years. But now tastes are skewing toward warmer neutral hues.” White offered homeowners a blank slate, perfect for selling. It also created a “clean” aesthetic that fit beautifully into minimalism in the 2010s when the trend was most popular. But for many, it was just downright difficult to maintain.

What to do instead: Vary up the color palette

Instead of going all-white in your home design, vary up your space with a bit of color. With trends like maximalism and vintage resurgences, pops of color, color blocking, warm hues, and moody tones are ultra trendy.

Neutral minimalism and Scandinavian living room
vanitjan / Shutterstock

What’s out: Cold minimalist aesthetics

The minimalist aesthetic trend hasn’t disappeared, but it is being reimagined. Most people are familiar with the all-white, empty, and cold minimalist design style. Today, this look has become outdated as more homeowners crave biophilia and color.

What to do instead: Use warm tones, woods, and natural materials

Warm tones, woods, and natural materials are now entering the home. Design styles like Japandi and Scandi are integrating more biophilia and natural materials like wood and stone into our interiors.

brown, tan, and white textured kitchen backsplash tile
Max Rahubovskiy / Pexels

What’s out: Geometric tile

House of Hive Design Co. on TikTok explains that geometric tile is out in 2024. It says, “The obviously manufactured prints are lackluster. And even though they’re bringing in a pattern, they don’t have any artistic intent.”

Geometric tile feels outdated in 2024. The colors are too cold, and the manufactured designs are inorganic and stale.

What to do instead: Opt for handmade or natural tile

Today, people are choosing more eclectic and curated items in their home design. “In 2024, we’re shifting from machine-made to man-made,” says House of Hive Design Co. Homeowners seek tiles that are handmade, hand-painted, or organically glazed.

kitchen with navy blue cabinets and bold lighting
Sheila Say / Shutterstock

What’s out: Open shelving in the kitchen

House of Hive Design Co. on TikTok says, “Unless you have an extremely large kitchen, all open shelving does is take away practical storage.”

In the past few years, open shelving has become a prominent trend. However, like the all-white everything design style, open shelving proved to be impractical. Open shelving takes up a lot of wall space with little room for storage. Additionally, there is an emphasis on making open shelving appear aesthetic, opting for form over function.

What to do instead: Shaker cabinets are a classic

Instead of choosing open shelving, consider investing in classic shaker cabinets. “In 2024, we will absolutely be seeing a rise in closed cabinetry,” says House of Hive Design Co. Shaker cabinets can be a great way to transition into closed cabinetry while maintaining a crisp, modern look.

Contemporary industrial living room dining room
photosbysabkapl / Adobe Stock

What’s out: Matching furniture sets

That Southern Spark says, “Matching furniture like coffee tables, end tables, TV stands, couches, and recliners are gone in 2024.” This trend is reminiscent of ’90s aesthetics. And while some ’90s trends are coming back as Gen Z begins decorating their spaces, matching furniture sets is one trend to avoid. “It makes for an unwelcoming space,” says That Southern Spark.

What to do instead: Mix and match your furniture

In 2024, “the home decor trend that will be popular is mix and matching furniture, decor, and fabric patterns,” says That Southern Spark. Curated pieces and eclectic furniture from thrift stores or charity shops are increasing in popularity. People are attempting to make the house feel like a “lived-in” home with eccentric pieces that speak to their personalities.

Navy blue farmhouse-style kitchen design
Hendrickson Photography / Shutterstock

What’s out: Single-purpose furniture

Single-purpose furniture is out in 2024. Homeowners are looking for ways to save time, money, and space. Items that take up precious square footage or push homeowners to make unnecessary purchases are no longer trendy.

What to do instead: Invest in multifunctional pieces

Today, homeowners are eco-conscious buyers who want to limit their waste and consumption. Dual-purpose and multifunctional pieces are essential. Couches that turn into a bed, counters that extend to offer more table seating, and dual-purpose appliances are must-haves.

brown monochromatic color palette for room design
jafara / Shutterstock

What’s out: White trim

White trim looks tacky and outdated in 2024 home design. This trend feels out of place as we move into an era of color and eclecticism. That Southern Spark says, “You will not be seeing different color trim in 2024. Say farewell to bright color walls and white trim.”

What to do instead: Paint your trim the same color as your walls or opt for natural wood

Instead of painting your trim white, That Southern Spark suggests homeowners “adapt to the ‘color washing.'” Color washing or color blocking is a method of painting a room in one solid color. “We’re talking painting your walls, trim, ceiling, and doors all the same color,” says That Southern Spark. This is a great way to make a room feel more cohesive, cozy, and bright.

Trends come and go. These are some of the design aesthetics experts say are leaving us in 2024. While you don’t have to participate in all of them, you can always look to current aesthetics for inspiration. And you don’t have to give up trends you love, even if they become outdated. Today, home design encourages people to explore themselves and curate a space that feels intentional, lived-in, and thoughtful.

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