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Create a homey space everyone will love with these amazing family room ideas

Ways to turn this space into a cozy haven

floor lamp and sofa in living room
The family room is the central gathering space in the home, perhaps only second to the kitchen. Therefore, it’s crucial that this room offers some much-needed rest and relaxation with a cozy atmosphere.

Today, we’re diving into a few family room ideas that are sure to transform your space. Whether you use this room to lounge and watch your favorite films or cozy up with a good book while the kids play, there are plenty of fantastic ideas to turn this multifunctional space into a homey haven.

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Add some colorful built-in shelving

Large collection of books on shelves
Ricardo Esquivel / Pexels

Built-in shelving is a trendy way of creating additional storage while enhancing your home design. Many homeowners opt for built-in shelving painted in a fun color to accent a cozy family room. Alternatively, built-in shelves and bookcases can be painted in the same tone as the walls and trim for a more stylish look.

Opt for a bar cart

at home mini bar display setup
BartFire / Shutterstock

Bar carts have been a popular addition to many rooms in recent years. Bar carts offer additional storage, a mobile “side table,” and a chic method of decorating your space. Mobile bar carts can be repositioned to fill those awkward corners in your room. Additionally, bar carts make great storage units for the entire family to keep clutter organized and off the family room floor.

Paint the ceiling

Woman in striped shirt painting ceiling with extended roller
New Africa / Shutterstock

A painted ceiling is a trendy and ultra-cozy aesthetic in any room. The classic white ceiling may still be a go-to, but many designers and homeowners are turning to uniquely painted ceiling colors. Painting your ceiling the same color as your walls creates a unique and cozy effect. The room has a greater sense of flow, and monochromatic palettes help create a laid-back and relaxed vibe.

Use wallpaper

Green wallpaper with pink art deco sofa design
ninoon / Shutterstock

Wallpaper is making a comeback. Interior design is trending toward cute wallpaper patterns that add more charm and character to our spaces. Farmhouse and cottage aesthetics have reimagined this trend by adding wallpaper on accent walls, cut-in pieces on wainscoting, placed inside cabinets or bookshelf backings, or on entire rooms.

Consider oversized mirrors

Mirror and flowers on mantel for vintage design
Andreas von Einsiedel / Getty Images

Oversized mirrors are a must-have for expanding any space. They are an easy design feature that can become a focal point or statement piece in the room. Additionally, oversized mirrors open up your space and add a bit of glam to your design. In a family room, they can also serve as a fun and practical feature.

Separate the space with the sofa

autumn living room decor pillows on sofa
Ground Picture / Shutterstock

If your family room is part of an open-concept floor plan, you can create “zones” by using your sofa to separate the space. By intentionally placing your sofa, you can create a natural division in open areas that separate one room from another. Using your sofa as a divider for the family room can help create a more intimate and cozy space separate from the rest of the home.

Try floor-to-ceiling bookshelves

A light wooden bookshelves climb a white wall.
Vladimir Mokry / Unsplash

Floor-to-ceiling bookshelves radiate elegance and sophistication. Not everybody can hop on the trend of built-ins. Depending on the needs of your home and your design budget, you might find floor-to-ceiling bookshelves more practical. They offer additional storage space and create a home library station. Libraries are well known for their relaxing and cozy atmospheres, so this is a great pairing for the family room.

Master the gallery wall

Mminimal white photo wall gallery
Ground Picture / Shutterstock

Gallery walls are an excellent option for filling blank spaces. While negative space is important in a design, too much negative space can cause a room to feel empty, poorly planned, and cold. Gallery walls are a solution to this problem. Additionally, assorted pictures, paintings, instruments, sconces, and other wall decorations create an eclectic and curated aesthetic. This year’s home design is all about creating a curated space that reflects your personality, and the gallery wall is a great way to achieve this.

Use warm colors

dark brown accent color in home office and library
Bulgac / Getty Images

Warm tones are making their way into our interiors. They offer a cozy, warm, and calming aesthetic. Deep browns, warm beiges, yellow undertones, and even colors branching into the reds and oranges of the color palette are great ways to create a cozy family room. Just be careful not to overuse warm tones. Too many warm colors without cool hues to balance the space can overachieve the cozy nature that you’re aiming for.

Opt for natural materials

Living room with plants
Followtheflow / Shutterstock

Natural materials and biophilic design are dominating interiors today. People are craving more organic and authentic pieces. Natural materials, from live plants to tweed rugs or handmade pottery, can help create a cozy aesthetic that feels intentional and relaxing.

Layer your rugs

Living room with couch, rug, and fireplace / Shutterstock

Layering your rugs creates more visual diversity in your space. Additionally, this is a great way to play with textures. Texture is a vital aspect to consider in home design because the types of textures you have will determine how cozy or sleek your room may feel. In the family room, opt for layering rugs made of wool, tweed, or faux fur for a cozy effect.

Use every corner of the room

Modern living room design with neutral palette
CreativaStudio / Getty Images

In the family room, you’ll want to use every inch of the space. Empty corners won’t do your design justice and are also a bit impractical. Instead, try to fill corners with chaises or comfy chairs, a cozy book light or lamp, bookshelves, bar carts, or even instruments or other hobby materials. Each corner should feel intentional and functional.

Home design in the family room must strike a balance between utility and visual appeal. You want the space not just to feel cozy but to be a functional room where everyone in the family can relax and enjoy some downtime. Be sure to follow these ideas to create a space that everyone will love.

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