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You need to try these entryway garden ideas this weekend

Your home’s curb appeal acts as a first impression to your guests, giving them a sense of the personality of both the home and the homeowners. Designing the landscaping of the front of the home leading to the doorway is a fun and inviting way to welcome your guests. As with other indoor and outdoor designs, you can keep the look fresh and versatile by changing the garden along with the seasons, using tulips in the spring, annuals in the summer, maroon and gold mums in the fall, and hearty winter plants like evergreens during the holidays.

Give your front yard some attention this weekend and dress it up with the best greenery and florals the season has to offer. Check out some of our favorite flowers and ground cover to gain some inspiration for designing your own space.

Spring has sprung


The spring is all about restoration and nurturing budding bulbs as they come back to life after the cold winter months. This spring, consider joining the new trend of rewilding and choose plants that can be a haven for birds, bees, and other creatures making their reappearance in the springtime. Think long grasses, water features, and wildflowers. Some garden centers sell hummingbird-specific wildflower mixes that bloom in the spring and attract the buzzy birds to your yard.

Think scale

In the front of the home, scale is crucial. Plants that grow too tall may obstruct windows, and others that expand too far can overtake the pathways and lighting. To keep creeping plants in place, consider using platers when potting hydrangeas or daylilies to keep them under control.

Consider color

Spring is just about synonymous with explosions of color. Bold yellow, oranges, and pinks brighten up the front of the house and look especially fun and inviting. To add a pop of color to your entryway, line the sidewalk with daffodils or tulips.

Flowers bloom to overflowing their window box, which hangs outside an old-fashioned window

Summer is here

Add flowers to existing landscaping

During the summer, choose vibrant flowers that accent the existing plants and foliage that have been growing since the spring thaw. Additionally, make sure you’re choosing plants that can withstand the heat and sun. We love planting Canna lilies in the summer because the vibrant reds can also complement the fall colors during the transition between seasons. Dahlias are also versatile and easy to plant, thriving in both a pot and directly in the ground.

Create layers

Use the options above to create layers of color and texture, especially if you have steps leading up to your home. Organize the plants to make colorful patterns or simple shapes like hearts and zig zags.

Pumpkin group decorating

Fall into fall

Mums the word

Mums have a short life, but the attention-grabbing yellows, reds, and oranges are well worth the brevity. Find two substantial pots to plant at either side of your front door and add additional, smaller pots down the stairs or around the front patio.

Use the season’s harvest

Fall is fun, so lean into the cliches and add in pumpkins and gourds to create a fall festival right in your front yard. For a more rustic look, we recommend filling wooden barrels with mums and tiny pumpkins or resting seasonal vegetables on top of hay bales to add height and texture.


Safety first

The winter months are also the darkest, so ensure your front entrance has plenty of lighting and a railing to hold onto, especially if you have steps that get slippery in the snow and ice. Further, make sure that whatever you plant isn’t so dense that it overtakes or obstructs the light.

Front door shines

Nothing says winter like poinsettias, so sit these potted plants on either side of the front entrance for a welcoming and cheerful display. Additionally, the holiday season is the perfect time to adorn your front door with gorgeous wreaths made of evergreen, berries, pinecones, and baby’s breath. To ensure your wreath is visible from the driveway, string lights into it or add small lights above the doorframe.

The entryway to the home should make a statement. Let your personality shine by decorating with flowers, plants, trees, vegetables, lighting, and even water features to create a unique look for every season.

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