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These cooling bed sheets are the secret to a sweat-free night — here are the five best sets

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If you sleep warm like many folks do, a brand new set of  cooling sheets would be an absolute treasure to find — especially during the hottest part of the summer! But let’s face it: There’s a confusing number of choices available these days, so without the proper guidance, it’s impossible to know which sheets are the best set to get. You’ll likely need a set with superior breathability, the right blend of cooling and moisture-wicking fabric, and a low enough thread count to help you overcome hot sleeping.

Word to the wise: Shop carefully, because some brands offer only a fitted sheet and pillowcases with their sets, requiring you to add a flat sheet for an additional price. Other brands include the flat sheet as part of the packaged set.

You’ll also need to find something affordable for your budget, and we feel most of these are reasonably priced. Double check the details as you choose the right bed sheets for you, as some of these offer temperature regulation properties both ways. Still, don’t worry — if you aren’t sure which brand and type of cooling sheets to buy, look no further. We’ve got the five best sets of cooling sheets to keep you sweat-free and chilled out all night! Come check them out.

At a glance

Riley Home Percale Sheet Set

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Riley Home has been setting the standard for quality bedding for four generations, and their Percale Sheet Set is the latest in a long list of superior products. Crafted from 100% cotton in a smoothly woven percale, Riley Home sheets meet the highest of environmental certifications, passing rigorous testing for harmful chemicals. Starting at $100, you’ll get a fitted sheet and two pillowcases in your chosen size, from twin to California king. We think you’ll love how Riley Home’s pillowcases open on the side with a zipper-free chic envelope closure. There are nine total color choices, with three temporarily available as limited editions: sea glass, silver micro-check, and cornflower. These are the kind of sheets you can wash as often as you like because they get softer every time. Machine wash and tumble dry low or hang out on the line to dry.

Shop Riley Home

Brooklyn Bedding Tencel Sateen Sheet set

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Brooklyn Bedding’s Tencel Sateen Sheets are made of eco-friendly fibers called lyocell, which is taken only from the world’s most sustainable sources. Once placed onto your bed, you’ll note these fibers are blended into a remarkably soft weave, able to both absorb excess moisture and regulate your body temperature throughout the night, leaving you in ideal sleep conditions. You’ll stay cool and dry while cozy in these soft and smooth, yet durable, sheets, which remain soft to the touch even after many washes. Available in seven sizes and four subtle colors, these sheet sets will exceed your expectations every time.

Shop Brooklyn Bedding

Pottery Barn SleepSmart Temperature Regulating Sheet Set

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If you’re new to Pottery Barn’s silky soft sheets, then get ready to be impressed. These sets made with SleepSmart technology are crafted of 80% fair trade cotton and 20% cool polyester, designed to keep your bed at the ideal sleeping temperature of 37.5 degrees Celsius throughout the night. With cutting-edge moisture-wicking properties combined with a proprietary blend of original volcanic minerals, you can count on reaching a deeper sleep than usual when you place these 300-thread count, machine-washable sheets on your bed.

Want to make it unique for a gift or your own collection? Add a monogram or name for an extra $12. Available in five sizes and three gentle colors.

Shop Pottery Barn

Parachute Home Percale Sheet Set

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The delectable Parachute Home Percale Sheet Set comes especially highly recommended for hot sleepers, thanks to their superior breathability and comfy lightweight feel. Created from 100% premium long-staple Egyptian cotton, these quality sheets are made responsibly in Portugal, free of harmful chemicals. These are easily machine-washable with mild detergent and bleach-free products. Tumble dry on low with woolen dryer balls. Available in six sizes and five stunning colors.

Shop Parachute Home

Brooklinen Linen Core Sheet Set

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Crafted of 100% linen from the finest French and Belgian flax, these sheets are ideal for the warm sleeper all year long. Surprisingly cool and smooth for linen, you’ll find these sheets are far softer than expected, as well as soothing against even the most sensitive skin. Washed and dyed in small individual batches in Portugal, these delightful sets are available in four sizes and 12 colors. What’s more? If you aren’t thrilled with your purchase, Brooklinen offers refunds up to 365 days after the date of purchase — and that’s with all return shipping costs paid.

Shop Brooklinen

Well, there you have our latest roundup of our top five favorite cooling bed sheet sets for the hottest of sleepers. Now that you’ve read it, do you plan to try any of these, or do you already have some that cool you off well enough for your sleep needs? Let us know your thoughts on these or other cooling sheet sets in the comments below! If you enjoy these top-rated cooling sheet sets, please be sure to stop back in, as we will be updating our content as new products become available. Happy cooling!

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