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These 10 lights will transform your bathroom

Bathroom with sconce lights
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One of the quickest ways to completely transform a space is to change old, tired lighting fixtures with something more updated. Although the bathroom is often overlooked, it is a place where the switch can have one of the biggest impacts on both function and form. After all, arguably more than anywhere else in your home, these lights need to perform double duty—they need to be used for day-to-day tasks and bring style to the space.

Bathrooms should have at least two layers of light. The main source is overhead lighting in the form of recessed lights or a central fixture. This will provide the overall light in the room. The second source is a task or accent lights. These are usually installed just above or alongside the vanity area. They add an attractive design feature and help you see better when doing things like applying makeup or putting in contact lenses. Here, we offer our bathroom lighting guide with 10 picks for accent lights that work in industrial, classic, modern, and rustic designs. Each has its own unique flair, but all will bring your bathroom lighting from standard to sensational.

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Bring a bit of industrial inspiration into your space with the Union Rustic Mcdowell Vanity Light from Wayfair. It features a matte black finish, and its clean lines will work in any contemporary setting. The three lights are visible and surrounded by seeded glass shades.

Sturdy metal resembling piping brings the industrial look to life with this Birch Lane Fung Sconce. The shades are fashioned to resemble mason jars and can be installed facing down or up.


For a traditionally styled bathroom, the Frey Sconce from Pottery Barn offers a timeless accent. It looks great as a single accent to one wall or in pairs flanking a mirror. The candelabra bulb is framed by hammered glass and is available in four finishes.

The Pearson Sconce, also from Pottery Barn, lends itself to a classically styled space. The flared shade offers a more diffused light, and the metal base features a beveled edge. With six finishes to choose from, it will work in any bathroom.

What we like most about the ByGone Bath Light from Shades of Light is its versatility. It would work in almost any design, from a more contemporary to a vintage-inspired space. It has an elegant metal base and frosted glass shades.


Are you drawn to a minimalist aesthetic? The West Elm Faceted Sconce is the perfect mix of clean lines mixed with sculptural elements. It is available in four finishes and works well above the mirror and vanity.

We love the mid-century inspired globe shades on this Young House Love Bubble Light from Shades of Light. It comes in an array of finishes and adds a touch of fun to any bathroom.


Do you dream of bringing the rustic look into your space? The Timber Bath Sconce from Shades of Light offers a trio of lights that would be at home in any mountain lodge. It features a reclaimed wood look metal base with iron accents and seeded glass shades.

The Belinda Wall Sconce Lantern from Overstock looks like it could have been hanging in a quaint country barn or a New England coastal village home, and we love that. It has a black metal finish with brushed brown accents. Use one on its own or place it on either side of a mirror.

If a real farmhouse vibe is your inspiration, then this is the light for you. The Gatco Modern Farmhouse Sconce comes in five finishes and brings the classic metal hooded design that is a popular choice for any rustic space.

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