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Simple DIY bathroom organization tips anyone can use

organized bathroom shelf

Drawers filled to the brim, the contents inside a mass of unorganized chaos. Shower ledges lined with shampoo bottles, body wash, and soap. Counters and sinks littered with toothbrushes and toothpaste. Does this sound familiar? If so, fear not, you are not alone. For such a relatively small space, the bathroom has to hold a lot of things, and keeping it all in order can be a challenge. The key is streamlining what you have and finding ways to store it in new ways. These easy bathroom organization tips will turn your space from a place of cluttered mayhem to neat and tidy in no time.

Take inventory

The first step in getting your space into a state of orderly bliss is taking everything out of cabinets, shelves, showers, and drawers. Lay it all out and sort through the contents. Make piles — what should stay, what can be relocated, and what can be thrown away. Be honest. If there is a lotion you tried, didn’t like, and has been collecting dust for months, toss it or give it to a friend. Make sure to look at expiration dates on over-the-counter medicines and prescriptions. No need to keep the ear drops for that one-time swimmer’s ear you had three years ago.

Classify items

The next step is putting back what you have decided to keep. Lay items out and categorize them. There are two ways to do this. The first is by what the items are — makeup, cleaning products, dental hygiene, and so on. The second is by grouping things that belong to each person who uses the bathroom. Strategize and decide what makes the most sense for you. Once you have it all laid out, you can map out what is needed to keep it organized when you store it away again.

Bathroom drawer with divider

Re-storing order

Now look at what you have — how many drawers, shelves, and cabinets are there? If you have multiple drawers, you can put similar items in each. If space is limited, use drawer dividers. Consider adding baskets to shelves, which are not only decorative but are also perfect for holding items that need to be easily accessed. And remember, it is not necessary to have the entire package of cotton balls or swabs out. Having a smaller vessel that can be refilled is your best bet — glass canisters are ideal.

A larger cabinet space should house larger items. A multitiered lazy Susan will add an additional tier of storage. To make cleaning a breeze, try putting cleaners, sponges, and gloves in a caddy. That way, when it is time to clean you will have everything you need in one handy place.

For the medicine cabinet, start by wiping down emptied shelves. Look at what you have, think about the heights of items, and arrange shelves accordingly — place tallest items on the bottom and smaller items at the top. This is a great place for toothbrushes, and storing them upright is more sanitary. Always put the most-used things at eye level. Items that are rarely needed such as antibacterial ointment and Band-Aids can be kept higher, while everyday things like a contact lens solution and daily facewash should be front and center.

Clean up the bath

Maybe you saw a shampoo commercial that promised silky tresses, you tried it, and well, it wasn’t all it was cracked up to be. If your shower ledges are lined with bottles of shampoo, conditioner, and body wash that aren’t all being used, it is time to pare it down. Let’s face it, no one needs three different kinds of shampoo, so take a good look and eliminate the ones you aren’t using. Instead of storing bottles on tub ledges, invest in a shower caddy to keep them all in one easy-to-access location. If you have a little one with bath toys, hanging baskets can be suctioned to tile walls.

Utilize space

Floor space may be limited, but vertical space is often underutilized in the bathroom. Hooks are a great addition as they come in handy for towels. Towels dry better on a hook than when folded on a towel bar. For towels that are not currently being used, a hotel-style towel holder offers space for multiple towels. If putting them on shelves or in open cabinetry, try rolling them instead of folding for a chic and space-saving option. An above-the-toilet shelf or caddy can give the perfect space for attractive containers.

A well-organized space functions the way it is supposed to and simply feels better to be in. By following these easy-to-follow guidelines, your bathroom will have a place for everything and be in tip-top shape in no time.

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