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Affordable wall decorating ideas that look great in any home

While leaving a wall blank may have a certain appeal at times, most of us would prefer some type of decor to beautify ours. But what if our budget is pressed to the penny and we don’t have much left for decorating? Don’t fret. We’ve scoured the internet for the best affordable wall decor we could find and we’re ready to share it with you. Let’s take a peek at some of the best affordable wall-decorating ideas for your home.

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Portraits, pictures, and posters

While there are plenty of affordable options, most folks tend to hang framed portraits, pictures, and posters on their walls. These may not always be affordable options. However, some department stores, big box stores, and online sources carry attractive alternatives for less than top dollar. Thrift store artwork can be surprisingly brilliant too, and may even add a shot of vintage to your look. Try hanging them in groupings of varying sizes to dazzle the eye. Martha Stewart lists a few clever ways to do this. Don’t be afraid to go extra-large or extra tall with a few pieces for a dramatic look in the right place.

You can also hang up a few picture ledges and place framed pieces along them. This offers a nice variation on hanging pictures, allows you to showcase pictures that normally sit low, and is pleasing to the eye.

Fabric wall hangings

Add some texture and warmth to your walls when you pull in some fabric wall hangings. Browse the internet, especially Etsy and Amazon, for your best bet on these. Fabric wall hangings can be anything from a tapestry to a quilt to a macrame dream catcher. Whatever works in your space is fine.

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Wall-mounted planters for hanging potted plants

These look great on a bare wall or tastefully placed between other pieces. “Wall-mounted pots and vases turn your greenery into living wall art,” says Elle Decor. Wall-mounted planters can be purchased at numerous places online like Amazon or Wayfair or physically in-store.

Show off your collections on the wall

Whether it’s a cool hat collection or set of swanky guitars, hang them across your wall for a prominent display and conversation starter.

Painted or chalk murals

Murals can be for the indoors as well as outside! If you’re artistic or have a friend who is, painting a mural on a bedroom or living room wall can be one of the most attractive and affordable ways to add some color to your walls. If you’re interested, there are a bevy of DIY murals on Pinterest for your perusal.

Press on colorful wall decals

Some homes display wall decals of various types, including words and phrases, quotes, Bible Scripture, and more. You can use them as a scene on a wall, like trees with birds flying off them, seeds scattering from oversized flowers, or go smaller and press on a bunch of shimmery silver mirror butterflies.

Show off your kid’s favorite books on wall shelves

For a kid’s room, you can adorn the walls with their favorite picture books on a set of DIY shelves. Not very handy with DIY shelving? You can buy some for a reasonable price at Pottery Barn Kids, Crate & Barrel, Amazon, and more. Better Homes & Garden lists a variety of ways to creatively add some funk into the kids’ bedroom.

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Hang dried flowers or herbs

If you regularly receive bouquets of flowers or buy them for yourself –hey, there’s no shame in that– you’ll be in good shape when it’s time to coordinate your dried flower area of your wall. Make sure you hang your bouquet upside down, tied gently from a sturdy curtain rod or hook, as it begins to wilt. This will make sure it ends up in the right position as it dries. Throw in some dried herbs, both for scent and appearance, in a range of colors, and this could be the prettiest part of your home. SFGate says, “Dried flowers can be used to accent wreaths, or made into their own arrangements in vases or baskets.”

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Create a perfect farmhouse gallery (or other style) wall

For the style you like, grab a variety of pieces and different sizes that work together (seek guidance on this Pinterest site). You could try something like a country vibe in the kitchen, or a family Scrabble hallway theme.

Create your own stencil and use a paint pen for a statement wall

Make a DIY stencil and use a paint pen to create a gorgeous statement wall. There are limitless designs and colors you can play with as you create yours. These turn out beautifully if done carefully with a very steady hand. Get a little help from some friends, and enjoy!

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String a brilliant display of family photos across the wall in layers

String a series of pictures across the wall, one right above the other (as shown below), to display beloved family photos without frames. This could also work well for post cards to highlight family travels, or holiday cards you’ve exchanged with others.

Make a laurel wreath and dress it up

Get crafty and create a laurel wreath to adorn your best wall space. These are classy and stunning, and can be combined with bold capital letters to highlight the family name, or a baby’s name for a nursery wall, or little mini white pumpkins for a fall look. There are limitless ideas for seasonal and holiday additions.

Create a hanging shelf

These are super easy to make, and of course, even simpler to find for sale on the internet or in stores. Our favorite today is from Urban Outfitters, but you can certainly make a DIY hanging shelf. If you’d prefer grab one on Etsy, go for a rustic wood slice hanging shelf or even get a three-tiered variety for the bathroom towels. The sky’s the limit with how creative you can get with these.

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Now that you’ve seen some of the best of our affordable decorating ideas, we’re certain you can pick up the hunt from here and select your own favorites.

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