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Don’t break the bank with these great above-ground pool deck ideas

From DIYing a partial deck to choosing a pea gravel base, here are some amazing budget-friendly pool deck ideas

Above-ground pool with partial deck in backyard
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Above-ground pools can look out of place in the middle of your backyard. On their own, they’re not always the most aesthetic. However, not everyone has enough money for a full deck renovation. So, here are a few above-ground pool deck ideas on a budget you can do to create a visually aesthetic backyard space.

Classic pool deck ideas

above-ground pool landscaping design
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When looking for pool deck ideas for your above-ground pool, you can’t go wrong with these classic ideas.

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Install the classic wood deck

One of the most popular options for adding a pool deck to an above-ground pool is by installing a classic wood deck. Depending on the type of wood you choose and whether you DIY your deck installation, you can save a lot of money compared to other deck or porch alternatives like vinyl. The main benefit of DIYing your deck installation is that you can cut costs while still getting a custom deck that looks intentional in your backyard.

Only use as much deck as you need

If you’re looking to save money on a backyard reno, you might prefer to use only as much deck as you need for your above-ground pool. Place your pool on a level patio with privacy walls for a more intimate aesthetic. Then, add decking to one or two sides to keep things minimal and simple.

Some homeowners also opt to have their pool in the yard with only a few feet of deck to make the ladder more accessible. There’s no need to splurge on a grandiose deck if you don’t have the space or you plan to move your pool at some point.

Opt for smooth gravel

Smooth pea gravel is another classic choice for above-ground pools. Used as a base or in place of a stone or concrete patio, pea gravel is perfect for drainage and adds visual interest to your backyard. Additionally, this is a much more affordable option than installing an entire deck.

Blend gravel and wood decking together

If you like the idea of pea gravel but want something more sophisticated, you can install a partial pool deck on top of the pea gravel base. This blends the above two ideas, saving you time and money while allowing you to enjoy more summer days in the sun. Additionally, the partial deck on top of the gravel looks intentional, artistic, and classy.

Existing deck ideas for your above-ground pool

Above-ground pool with deck and stairs
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If you already have an existing deck and are looking for ways to incorporate an above-ground pool, here are some great tips.

Integrate the pool into an existing deck

One of the easier things to do if you have an existing deck is to integrate it with your above-ground pool. You may need to pull out the power tools and readjust the railing or decking itself to make room for the pool. If you DIY, this can save you some money.

Additionally, you’ll have to consider what materials you plan to use to edge your decking if you are integrating a pool. The last thing you want is someone catching a splinter climbing in and out of the pool. Some materials can be affordable, and you can DIY the deck edges yourself.

Add benches and levels

If your deck is slightly higher or lower than your above-ground pool, you might consider adding benches or levels. For example, if you set your pool on top of your existing deck, you can install benches or steps around the base of the pool to create a seamless transition despite the raised space. Alternatively, a pool lower than your deck can have stairs leading down to a partial deck around the pool. Both options create an elegant and practical touch.

Try these unique pool deck ideas

above-ground pool with partial deck and landscaping
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If you’re willing to splurge a little on your pool deck renovation, you might be interested in these unique pool deck ideas.

Pour concrete for the shape you desire

Pouring concrete into the shape and style you desire around your above-ground pool can create a sophisticated edge or visually appealing steps. This can be a more affordable choice than going all in with a whole new deck setup. You might also consider creating a concrete patio with wooden steps into the pool for something more minimal. Concrete pouring is versatile, meaning there are several unique designs to choose from.

Use your yard’s slope

If you have a hill or slope in your yard, you can use that to your advantage. While you may have to hire contractors or rent equipment to complete the project, using the existing landscape can make your above-ground pool feel like it is part of the house.

You can dig out and level the base of a hill and add a retention wall for support before setting your above-ground pool against it. Additionally, you can use your landscaping skills to create raised beds or other visual levels to make the pool feel like part of the environment.

Above-ground pools may look tacky on their own, but with these pool deck ideas, you can create a gorgeous backyard space. And thankfully, you don’t have to break the bank to see the transformation on your property.

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