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These pergola ideas will add style and shade to your backyard

When you’ve chosen a pergola to adorn your landscape, there are many ways to complete the look you want. From an easy covered patio extension off your kitchen to a freestanding structure covered in your favorite flowers, you won’t regret making space for a pergola. For an extra dose of style and shade in your backyard this summer, try pairing your pergola with some of the ideas below — and don’t be surprised if you become the envy of the neighborhood!

Wisteria draped over your pergola — a match made in heaven

The most impressive vines you could drape across your pergola bear the lovely and fragrant wisteria flowers, most often found in a popular light shade of purple. While it may take a few seasons for them to mature and completely grow across your structure, they do sprout up to 10 feet or higher each season in the right hardiness zones (3-9, for best results). They like a lot of sunlight, as well, so consider their placement in your yard when choosing wisteria. For guidance on how to grow yours, check this site.

Check Wayside Gardens when purchasing your wisteria. You’ll get a quart of Blue Moon Wisteria for $25 at Wayside, with great deals on sets of three and six, ready to ship as early as April 17th in some zones.

Paper lanterns will perk up your pergola

Light up your pergola with either dreamy white or vibrant, multicolored paper lanterns. When hung at varying heights and in different sizes, paper lanterns will dazzle the eye, drawing it across the structure. Available in three sizes (10, 12, or 14 inches) and 10 stunning pastel colors, Luna Bazaar’s Round Battery-Operated Lanterns are $3 each with 16 LED bulbs. Each comes with its own hook for hanging.

Poolside pergola with chic curtains

An enchanting space for a backyard wedding, rejuvenating place to rest after a few laps in the pool, ideal locale for a summer barbecue with friends, and a fun spot for the family to enjoy some Popsicles on a hot summer day — a poolside pergola with stylish curtains is perfect for any backyard.

When it comes to curtains, if you don’t want to make your own, try Elrene Matine’s Indoor/Outdoor Curtain Panels from Overstock for $28 each. Sizes and prices vary (the $28 variety is for a single panel with dimensions of 52″ W x 84″ L), and each panel has UV 50+ protection and is mildew- and water-resistant. How about some pretty outdoor curtain tiebacks to complete the look? These elegant Astoria Grand Champagne Militello Tassel Curtain Tiebacks from Wayfair come in a set of two for $32. With dimensions of 23” H x 2” W x 2” D, these tiebacks are 6 inches long with 16-inch strings.

Covered patio pergola

When it comes to working with the cover of your patio pergola, we think beautiful lighting should be a priority — especially for evening gatherings. Not sure where to turn for lighting? Brighten things up underneath your covered patio pergola with 15 feet of transparent G40 Globe String Lights, complete with 15 durably constructed and weather-resistant bulbs, for $20 each. Made for outdoor use, these bulbs last 3,000 hours on average and have nickel-plated bases to inhibit corrosion. We’d recommend measuring the space you’ll be covering, and consider more than one set of lights for best results.

Pergola with colorful blooming planters

Display some boldly colored flowers in hanging planters to make a strong statement with your backyard pergola. Geraniums make a nice option with their brilliant reds and pinks; they’re also known to be quite hardy and bloom nearly all summer long. Put them in gorgeous hanging planters like the self-watering Lechuza® Nido Cottage Wicker Hanging Planter from Gardener’s Supply Company for top results. This planter comes in three colors (granite, mocha, and white), is weatherproof and UV resistant. The built-in water level indicator lets you know when more water needs to be added; otherwise, it conveniently waters itself with an impressive 1/2-gallon water reservoir. For $45, you’ll get a well-constructed planter with dimensions of 10.5″ W x 9″ H and a hanging cord length of 21 inches. Each holds 5 quarts of soil.

If you prefer to keep your blooming beauties on the ground, opt for spacious and symmetrical planters to hold your flowers instead. You can get a set of Fairfield Tall Patio Planters for $115 each from Gardeners’ Supply Company, available in five colors at 28 inches tall and 15-3/4-inch width. 

Hearthside Pergolas

Warm up beside the fire with a hearthside pergola, perfect for cocktails with friends or s’mores with the kids on chilly evenings — you can even enjoy your pergola in the winter when you’ve got a fireplace built-in.

Make your pergola’s fireplace magical by adding Plow & Hearth Color Pine Cones to the mix. A 2-pound bag of Plow & Hearth Color Cones is $20 and includes both blue and green burning pine cones, safely created with copper chloride, which burn brightly for five to 10 minutes each.

Cozy up your hearthside pergola with a fire-resistant Minuteman Burgundy Hearth Oriental Handmade Wool Area Rug from Wayfair. For less than $100, you can choose the 44″ H x 22″ W size, while the larger 56″ H x 26″ W rug is $120. Select from three colors to match your outdoor decor: Burgundy, beige, or blue. Made of 100% virgin wool, these rugs meet federal requirements for surface flammability standards for small carpets.

Want to indulge your friends and family in the ultimate fireside pergola treat? Gift your favorite guests a deliciously indulgent Artisan S’mores Kit from Terrain. Each made-in-the-USA kit is $20 and contains the fixins for four complete s’mores: Milk chocolate, vanilla bean marshmallows, and fresh-baked graham crackers.

Want to try something even more unique? Go for the Dulce de Leche S’mores Kit, also $20, with honey grahams, chocolate, and caramel swirl marshmallows, or the Chocolate Lovers S’mores Kit, featuring chocolate grahams, sea salt dark chocolate, and chocolate chip marshmallows, also for $20.

To see some gorgeous varieties of hearthside pergolas you can have built, visit this site for ideas.

Not sure whether you want to build your own or buy a pergola? Take a peek at this guide on how to make seven different styles to help you decide.

So, what do you think? Are you ready to set up a pergola in your backyard this season, or do you have a few new ideas for the one you already have? Share your thoughts and pics with us! We’d love to see what you’ve done.

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