Five no-fail living room furniture arrangements

If your home were a painting, your living room would be the subject. It helps convey your home’s personality since it’s often the first thing guests see when they walk in. If you’re wrestling with furniture in an awkwardly shaped or small room or just trying to figure out how to arrange furniture, these tips should help. Take a look at these five no-fail living room ideas to get started.

Two large sofas opposite each other with a coffee table in between

This classic arrangement works best in more spacious rooms with ample space behind either sofa. Choose matching pieces in neutral colors with patterned cushions. Place a long coffee table in between, and adorn with a flower vase or other accents.

A traditional favorite, this layout creates an inviting atmosphere for guests. Reproduce the same symmetry throughout the room with matching end tables, table lamps, and potted plants.

One large sofa facing two armchairs with a coffee table in between

If you want to break out of the traditional custom while keeping its core principle intact, this is the way to go. Here’s the unconventional part: The armchairs don’t have to match, though they should ideally be the same style or size.

For instance, you might choose two barrel chairs in different upholstery fabrics, one velvet and one linen. You might also choose a graphic print for one and a solid color for another.

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One loveseat with an ottoman and an armchair, a coffee table in between

Setting up a living room can take several tries, so you might start by experimenting with a loveseat opposite an armchair and an ottoman. The great thing about the ottoman is you can move it around as needed, whether you need to improve foot traffic in the living room or bring in additional seating.

A sofa sectional with one armchair and a round coffee table

If you want commanding furniture, go for an L-shaped sectional. Try something simple and low profile like a single color velvet sofa with pillows and cushions. If that’s not enough seating, an armchair across from a round coffee table will certainly help.

The round table breaks up the squareness of the sofa and the armchair while giving you storage space.

A sofa, an armchair, and a loveseat with a coffee table in between

If you want to maximize space while trying out all kinds of different seating, this might be the layout you’ve been searching for. Keep the sofa and loveseat perpendicular to a rectangular table and leave the armchair at a diagonal angle to the table. It’s an elementary layout that won’t disappoint.

How do you arrange furniture in an awkward living room?

An awkward living room is caused either by an irregular shape or too large or small of a space. Here are some scenarios and answers that might help.

  • For imbalanced focal points, move different centerpieces around to avoid putting too much emphasis on one side of the room. For instance, a large mounted art frame and a fireplace on the same wall might leave the rest of the room looking understated. Rearrange pieces to face different angles, and install other interesting visual points.
  • For awkwardly shaped or small rooms, take advantage of the coziness by bringing in armchairs, loveseats, and sofas close together. If possible, create other areas in the room by using functional furniture like narrow desks. Don’t resort to placing all seats against the walls. Instead, make a floating seating arrangement to give the illusion of space.
  • For open floor spaces, place the back of a sofa or loveseat against the edges of the dining area. Alternatively, place a screen or other room divider to designate separate areas.
Large living room with sofa and chair
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How do you arrange furniture in a 12×12 room?

A small 12×12 room will look its best with petite furniture pieces like a comfortably-sized loveseat and a minimalist ottoman. Pay attention to foot traffic and arrange furniture in a way that getting in or out of seats isn’t a hassle. It might be necessary to remove a coffee table and opt for an end table that’s out of the way.

How do I move furniture around my room?

First, you should have an idea of how you’d like to arrange the furniture in your room. Take measurements and ensure the pieces fit where you want them to. Next, purchase some back-saving equipment like furniture sliders and shoulder dollies or straps. Moving furniture with extra hands is ideal, but still feasible if you’re doing it solo.

Is there an app that helps you arrange your room?

There are plenty of apps that help you visualize your dream room. Some ideas are Planner 5D, Amikasa, and MagicPlan. All three work for both iOS and Android smart devices. They all have unique features that help you rearrange furniture without doing the heavy work.

So, are you ready to revitalize your common spaces now that you’ve heard a little about setting up a living room? With five main pieces — sofas, armchairs, ottomans, loveseats, and coffee tables — there are numerous arrangements that work well in most living rooms. Other important elements to incorporate are color, material choice, pattern, feng shui, and of course, your own personal flair. It’s your call.

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