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What colors go with yellow? 6 fantastic options to transform your home

If you’re looking for a fun, bright color to add to your color palette, you need to consider yellow. Yellow is a joyful color that inspires a light, airy feel in any space while also bringing a touch of warmth to your existing palette — and it’s also been known to bring people happiness. So whether you’ve been craving a change of pace in your interior design, or you already have your heart set on this lovely color, here are some fantastic colors that go with yellow.

yellow accent wall behind a white sofa
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Best combinations of colors that go with yellow

Not knowing what color goes with yellow turns many homeowners away from using this hue in their homes. However, yellow has some fantastic color combinations that look stunning in almost any space. One of the best color combinations for yellow is to pair it with cream, beige, and light reddish-brown.

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Creams and off-whites pair beautifully with yellow since they add a soft touch to a palette while also brightening the overall look. The issue with plain white is that it can appear cold and stark within a yellow-based palette. So it’s best to opt for off-white and cream instead to heighten the warmth of the space.

Additionally, beige and light browns look lovely with yellow. They add a natural feel to the space while also increasing the warmth. Reddish undertones are also favorable color choices with yellow since they appear more vibrant and lush against the bright and sunny backdrop.

Warm colors that go with yellow

Warm colors are often paired with yellow. When designers aim to create a stunning yellow-based palette, they’ll use other warm hues to ground and enliven the space.

Rustic orange

Rustic orange is a popular tone to pair with yellow. This charming color feels rich, luxurious, and down to earth. These two shades can create a sense of warmth and calmness in a space, which is perfect for homeowners looking to brighten a dark room without making the design feel too cold. This color combination best suits retro and rustic styles as the two colors can come off as quite bold.

Warm off-white

As mentioned above, traditional white can feel stark and overbearing against yellow. Since yellow is a bright color on its own, it’s best paired with softer, muted tones. Off-white presents a lovely opportunity to soften the look of the space while also accentuating the light and bright feel. Off-whites with red or yellow undertones look best, so we recommend opting for subtle cream and beige tones to help maintain balance within your design.

Pale pink

Pale pink has made quite the comeback recently, particularly in vintage and retro-inspired designs. This light color pairs beautifully with pale and muted yellows. While many people think of a bold, sunshine yellow when imagining the color, pastel and muted yellows are certainly worth considering! These gentler tints look best alongside rustic shades and pale pinks, creating a soft, feminine space that feels cozy and eclectic.

yellow room color with beige couch and plants
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Cool tones that go with yellow

While warm tones are often paired with yellow, a few cool tones look equally impressive when paired with such a vibrant hue. Below are some of the most common cool colors that go with yellow.


Green is often paired with yellow. The two colors almost seem made for each other, as the yellow enhances the liveliness of the green shades, and in turn, the green highlights the yellow’s natural vibe. For example, dark evergreen looks beautiful alongside a warm mustard yellow. Alternatively, pairing a pale yellow with a lighter green shade can add a sense of airiness and light to your room. If you’re looking for a more natural look, pair these two shades with warm beige or brown. And if you prefer something more vibrant and experimental, try using a dark evergreen with pale pink and mustard yellow!

Teal blue

Teal blue is another stunning color pairing for yellow. On their own, these two colors can look quirky and unique. Though, pairing them with off-white and a rich navy hue can help create a sophisticated and timeless color palette. Teal blue and yellow are best used for homeowners who aren’t afraid to play with color. Additionally, people using maximalist, retro, and some bohemian styles may find this color combination to be the perfect fit for their designs.

Royal and navy blue

Of course, this list could not be complete without the inclusion of royal and navy blue. These dark, richer shades of blue look gorgeous alongside yellow. Whether you’re opting for a pop of color, a contemporary twist, or something more timeless, this color pairing can be everything you’ve been searching for. Navy and yellow palettes have a depth to them that is hard to pinpoint but easy to see. While both are rich, luxe colors, they balance one another in most settings, creating a design that will impress visitors.

Yellow is a lovely color fit for a variety of designs. Pairing well with so many different colors, it’s unsurprising that this shade can be the perfect accent or base color for nearly any room. Unfortunately, homeowners sometimes neglect to consider it within their palettes because of its bold and bright nature. However, when used correctly, this hue can create a rejuvenating space filled with joy and inspiration.

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