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The best diamond painting kits for glamorous handcrafts

Let your creativity shine with brilliant diamond designs. You will love the fantastic creations that result from the hours of fun that a diamond painting kit provides.

Add glitz and a sense of personal style your life with a diamond painting kit. These easy-to-use kits spark one-of-a-kind DIY projects. Let’s take a look at our favorite diamond painting kits to provide hours of creative entertainment and gleaming crafts.

Suptikes 5D Diamonds Painting Tools and Accessories Kit

Best overall

The Suptikes 5D Diamonds Painting Tools and Accessories Kit is a 22-piece set that is lightweight but delivers long-lasting performance. With four different diamond sticky pens, you can stick up to nine pieces at once to increase your speed exponentially.

INFELING Diamond Painting Tools

Best diamond painting kit for beginners

Get started in the craft of diamond painting with the INFELING Diamond Painting Tools. This perfect beginners’ kit includes 20 pieces of premium diamond painting materials, to unleash your sparkle. It is easy to use and keeps your materials organized, so you can store neatly after use.

PETUOL 5D Diamond Painting Tools

Best value diamond painting kit

With 60 pieces of diamond painting fun, the PETUOL kit offers an excellent value at an affordable price point. With five different sticky pens, you complete your projects faster and start with the next one sooner. Stick up to nine pieces at once and add shiny fun to your projects.

You will be amazed by how fun and easy diamond designs can be with a diamond painting kit. With tools that speed up the work and easy-to-use supplies, your projects will come to life sooner and will look amazing. The diamond design kits on our list are a fantastic addition to your crafting supplies and an exciting way to personalize your favorite items.

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