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How to organize under your kitchen sink

The underside of the kitchen sink is often the most cluttered and disorganized space in the house. Commonly a storage spot for cleaning materials, chemicals, garbage bags, plastic grocery bags (to reuse), and miscellaneous other items, the space beneath the kitchen sink is crammed with items that often lack proper organization.

The challenge with organizing under the kitchen sink

The items stored under the sink do not always “go together.” Chemicals and cleaning brushes may be placed together, but is it safe to keep those items next to your pet’s food or your garbage bags? 

The lack of organization is often a result of using the space as a secondary junk drawer. The area below the sink collects everything that we don’t have a proper space for, and suddenly, the whole thing becomes a mess.

What makes this area more challenging is that alone it’s a large cabinet area with no shelving. This makes it easy to just toss items in without thinking or placing them in a designated location.

Specialized organizers

Special expandable under-sink organizers are sold in several places and may be some of the best solutions to the chaos that exists under your kitchen sink!

Expandable organizers are unique and vary in design based on the manufacturer. Some expandable organizers include three tiers with drawers that slide out. Others have more versatile shelving solutions that are screwed to the cabinet itself, creating a seamless sliding shelf. 

People often favor the under-sink organizers that fit perfectly between the piping, dipping in the middle to provide adequate space. Of course, you can always pair two slim organizers and place them on either side of the piping with a small container resting in between.

under sink storage in kitchen

Stackable organizing solutions

Aside from expandable organizers, stackable under-sink shelves offer another viable solution. As mentioned above, you can always install sliding shelves on the cabinets themselves. What differentiates those shelves from the ones mentioned below is the latter include the ability to stack more shelving atop the existing fixture.

Stackable shelves are often made of wire with legs to allow the shelf to stand upright. You can place two or three of these shelves in the space given the size of the area beneath your kitchen sink.

Stackable containers are another excellent solution for organizing this space. The reason shelves and stackable organizing solutions are so inviting is that they allow you to make the most of the area by organizing vertically rather than just at the base of the cabinet.

A great idea is to use stackable containers from your local office or department store. Find a container with deep drawers that can be shut easily. This will help you store smaller and loose items under your sink without worrying about them getting lost or damaged. Stackable drawers are a great place to store sponges and folded towels because they can stay dry and out of the way.

Using Lazy Susans 

Lazy susans are another favorite when it comes to organizing under the kitchen sink. Lazy Susans allow you to place items like your spray bottles and other cleaning solutions on the spinning platform and cycle the Lazy Susan as needed to grab the supplies you need.

Lazy Susans prevent you from having to reach deep into the bowels under your sink just to find what you need. The spinning mechanism is excellent for people who want to grab what they need as quickly as they can, says Apartment Therapy.

kitchen sink storage on cabinet door

Cabinet door hangers

If you’re still struggling to organize the space under your sink, it may be time to look into cabinet door hangers. Organizational door storage is a great way to maximize the area beneath your kitchen cabinet. 

While there are plenty of online options to choose from, you can also make your own. With the use of some screws or magnets, you can attach an old file box from an office supply store to the cabinet door. This allows you to store items like parchment paper, aluminum foil, and Ziploc bags to the side of your cabinet doors. 

Another tip to add more storage to your cabinet doors is to use hooks, as suggested by Martha Stewart. Hooks can allow you to hang items like cleaning tools or towels on the side of the cabinet, clearing up space in your storage bin for heavier and bulkier items.

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