Under-sink kitchen storage ideas for every need

Of all the places in your home that are space-challenged, few compare with the often forgotten but absolutely vital space under your sink. Whether it be in the kitchen or bathroom, that small hidden-away area is home to the vital products you use every single day. Sadly, for many homeowners, the under-sink area is a disorganized and jumbled mess.

Luckily, there are many under-sink organization solutions to get the most out of that all-important space. Whether you want to try DIY hacks or purchase ready-made under-silk shelves, under-sink sliding organizers, or other storage solutions, we’re going to show you how to make the most of the space you have and save time and frustration, each and every day!

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Instant storage expansion

When working within a confined space, you need to come up with creative ways to maximize your storage and give you the room you need to house all of your essentials. You can vertically expand your under-sink storage capacity with shelves specifically designed to use in kitchen or bathroom cabinets. Under-sink cabinets often include pesky water pipes that can get in the way of standard shelving units, but some of the best under-sink shelves actually adjust to fit around the pipes and even feature side-to-side expansion capabilities and removable shelving to accommodate low-hanging pipes. 

Have a built-in shelf under your sink? Try adding an under-shelf compact storage shelf to instantly double your usable space. So easy to install — no tools required — they simply hook over the top of the shelf and provide an easy access space for extra toiletries in the bathroom, or sponges and other necessities in the kitchen. 

We love adding sliding organizers for under-sink cabinets. Not only do they instantly double (or even triple) your storage space, but the pull-out drawers or shelves make it so easy to access the things you need. Double-shelf units provide space for smaller and larger items and can hold up to 50 pounds or more! 

Don’t forget cabinet doors

Sometimes overlooked, the back of your cabinet doors are the forgotten storage space you may be looking for. Door storage trays offer quick access to the items you need the most — from paper towels to rubber gloves, cleaning supplies to spare sponges. Offered in an array of styles and sizes, there’s one to suit both your kitchen and bathroom under-stink area. Note: When using this area to store larger items, be sure to leave ample clearance space in the front of the cabinet to allow doors to close properly.

Turn everyday items into DIY storage solutions

As you can see, there’s a plethora of storage items available for you to buy, but there are also some innovative ways to gain valuable space using items you probably already have at home or can easily pick up at your local hardware or home-goods store. Here are a few: 

  • Repurpose a sturdy curtain rod by stretching a tension rod across the inside of your cabinet and use it as a perch for hanging spray bottles of cleaners or hair-care products. The rod keeps the bottles suspended, leaving the cabinet floor free to house other items.
  • You can even string a few mugs across the tension rod and use them to house dishwasher tablets, sponges, cotton balls, and more.
  • Using a hot glue gun, affix a trio of wooden clothespins to the inside cabinet door. Now there’s a special place for hanging rubber gloves, reusable wipes, shower caps, just about anything.
  • PVC pipes make the perfect solution for keeping hair tools handy and organized. Find the perfect diameter for housing your curling iron or hair dryer, and ask your local hardware store to cut it to the right length for mounting inside your cabinet door. 

With a minimal investment and a little bit of effort, it’s easy to turn the underutilized spot under your sink from overflowing and messy to neat and organized. 

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