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The best glass spray bottles for keeping your liquids safe

You want the best for your buck, and buying plastic bottles over and over again will just leave you with more trash in your bin and less cash in your wallet. When you look at all the advantages of glass spray bottles, you’ll be happy at how much easier it is to maintain and keep around.

Although many may mistake glass for being more fragile, high-quality glass spray bottles are created to be durable and withstand environments and temperatures that plastic cannot. The thickness of the glass combined with its impermeable quality make it perfect for any kind of liquid storage with an easy cleanup at the end. Take a look at some of our favorite picks.

1790 Cobalt Blue Glass Spray Bottles

Best overall

This high-quality cobalt blue glass spray bottle is meant for hard work. The bottle comes with a heavy-duty spray top with two settings — mist and spray. You also have an elegant label to use and a phenolic cap to ensure a tight seal. This bottle is food safe, which makes it an excellent staple for your kitchen work. The glass also protects the contents from UV rays, which is helpful for the keeping of essential oils, cleaning solutions, and other mixtures that may be affected by strong light. In addition, you can  take apart the bottle for easy storage.

Sally’s Organics Glass Spray Bottle

Best clear glass spray bottle

This clear glass spray bottle is a sleek design fit for your modern lifestyle. Sally’s Organics Glass Spray Bottle is meant to be refillable, and the glass lets you repurpose this for different solutions from kitchen oils to nontoxic window cleaners. Sally’s Organics aims to provide you with reusable and environment-conscious products that are long-lasting and high-caliber, and this glass spray bottle is no exception. You can clearly see what solutions you have in the bottle and can easily keep track, which makes organization a breeze.

ChefLand Amber Glass Spray Bottles

Best amber glass spray bottles

ChefLand combined ergonomic design, convenience, and a beautiful build to create this handy multipurpose spray bottle. The bottle’s cylinder was made to fit in your hand while having an easy-to-reach nozzle. The extra-long straw stick paired with a leak-proof cap design ensures that you don’t waste a drop of your liquid. The bottles also include two storage caps, so you can make sure that nothing can go wrong while storing your liquids. The amber color protects your liquids from harmful UV rays and is dishwasher safe.

Having a reliable glass spray bottle is a whole world of difference from using flimsy plastic bottles for everyday use. From its reusability to flexible design, glass spray bottles are perfect for all types of situations. Save money and recycle these glass bottles for years to come.

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