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5 inspiring entryway ideas that make a good first impression

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Spend a little time on your entryway to make a great first impression on anyone who steps into your abode. Play around with the space, adding benches, moving around antiques and modern artwork, tossing down different kinds of rugs, even adding small tables, plants, a couple of chairs with pretty pillows, or maybe even other types of seating.

First things first: Choose bold, well-coordinated colors. Let color make the statement within a well-coordinated space. Whether it’s the front door, ceiling (a matching door and ceiling color can be a striking look), a rug or chair, or a brilliant piece of artwork, a bold arrangement of color guides the eye into your home and makes a dazzling first impression. Now let’s see what we can do to spruce up your entryway.

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Pop on a fresh coat of paint

  • Nothing brightens up the entrance to a home like painting the front door and foyer ceiling or sprucing up the trim. Want to try some paint colors out before buying? Visit Sherwin Williams’ Visualizer, where you can upload your own pics and virtually “paint” your photos to check out different colors in your entryway.
  • Just want to paint the door? Get a quart of paint, the perfect amount to cover up to 100 square feet, with Modern Masters Front Door Paint on Amazon for $36.75. Comes in 25 different colors, works indoors and out (on wood or metal), and dries to the touch in approximately one hour.

Throw down some new rugs

      If you’ve got a long entryway, try:

  • A lush Bohemian-style Herringbone Batik Rug in Ocean Blue, ready to stretch all the way down the hall (get more than one if necessary), available in six sizes up to 10 feet long at $189.00, or

      For a standard size foyer, check out:

  • A graceful Audrey Golden Honey Rug ($109.00 for a 3×5) to pull together all the oranges, yellows, and reds in your foyer decor

All styles are stain-resistant, waterproof, and washable from Ruggable, and each comes with its own sturdy nonslip rug pad. Didn’t find a style you like? Choose from various collections like Persian, tribal, Moroccan, Bohemian, abstract, geometric, nautical, animal print, and much more at Ruggable — even Disney themes. Free shipping is available on all orders.

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Go for an adventurous piece of artwork or a framed mirror

  • Try a rustic framed mirror if you prefer, like this Janie Rectangular Wall Mirror from Wayfair. Its wooden frame is finished with distressed blue and brown. Comes with D-rings for mounting and dimensions are 38” H x 28” W x 1” D. Order one with self-installation for $205.99.
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Hang a dazzling light fixture

Give your entrance a sparkling light fixture to highlight the area where you meet and greet guests. Not only will you be able to see your visitors clearly for a proper greeting, but you can also see everything in your purse when searching for keys or phones on your way out the door.

  • Try a stunning light fixture from Pottery Barn. Its divine light fixture featuring glass shaped into 126 graceful drops, the Bella Flush Mount is hand-painted with a pewter finish. Requiring a bit of assembly, professional installation is highly recommended. Weighing 11 pounds, the dimensions are 22.5″ D and 10.5″ H. Get the Bella Flush Mount for $209 from Pottery Barn. Twelve replacement glass drops come with it, and shipping costs vary. Check the site for coupon codes at your time of purchase.
  • Pier 1 has a unique and eye-popping blue and teal Capiz shell hanging light fixture for $96.75. The Daisy Capiz Pendant Light is hand-painted, imported, and sure to start a conversation. Dimensions are 12” D x 12” H, attached cord is 15” long, and minimal assembly is required. Shipping costs vary with location. Use max 60-watt bulbs.
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Play with stained-glass options

If you’re interested in trying out a piece of stained glass in your foyer, but you’re not quite ready for a door panel or window, check out a lamp for your entryway table, a standalone floor lamp with stained-glass lampshade, stained-glass hanging light fixture, or others.

  • This pretty Stained Glass Butterfly Table Lamp from Plow & Hearth is available for $129.95 at Wayfair. Its dimensions are 17.25” H x 12.25” W x 8” D, and it weighs 6.26 pounds. Comes with free shipping, is LED compatible, and its cord is 96 inches long.

Overall, don’t be afraid to play around with color, texture, and style for your best entryway. Solids can mix well with patterns, antiques can be in the same room with modern decor, and some items can reach far outside the present theme and still work. Once you’ve created the optimal foyer, show us a picture in the comments! We’d love to see what you’ve done.

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