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Considering a move? This is the best place to buy your next home

The pandemic shook up how many homeowners view their living situations and prompted many people in the U.S. to reprioritize their needs. With so many people considering moving or already packing their things, there’s been quite an uproar about where the best place to live might be. Is it time to move closer to the coast? Avoid cities? How will remote work impact this new living situation?

If you’re one of the thousands of people across the United States considering moving but are unsure of where to go, we’ve gathered some of the best places to buy your next home. According to the stats collected by Livability, these are some of the best places in the U.S. to move to this year.

couple unpacking after a move to their new home
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Madison, Wisconsin

As a college town, Madison is filled with plenty of local shops, unique attractions, and community events. Recent grads will find the city to be a bountiful place for employment opportunities especially since the commuting time is minimal for those planning to live or work outside the city. Plus, retirees will discover many free events and community assemblies to connect with others in the community and enjoy a life of leisure.

Nestled between Lakes Mendota and Monona, the surrounding area is also perfect for nature lovers. There are dozens of hiking and biking trails for outdoor enthusiasts and wonderful town gatherings like the local farmers’ market.

With a booming economy and low cost of living, the city is affordable and perfect for career growth and opportunity. It’s no wonder Livability named Madison, Wisconsin, the best place to live for people of all ages across the U.S.

Ann Arbor, Michigan

According to Livability, Ann Arbor, Michigan, arrives in second place as the best city to live in, and we couldn’t agree more! Ann Arbor is a lovely town, home to the University of Michigan. As another college town, you can expect to see plenty of restaurants, bars, bookshops, and local attractions for young adults. While many of the residents are college students or recent graduates, this stunning city is also completely family-friendly.

For those interested in job opportunities in Ann Arbor, you can expect plenty of positions in the tech industry, especially in artificial intelligence and data security. Some of the biggest names in tech like Google, Nokia, and Duo Security began in Ann Arbor, so there’s plenty of opportunity for career growth!

Overland Park, Kansas

If cities aren’t your preferred environment, then Overland Park, Kansas, might be the scene you’re looking for. As a family-friendly suburban town, Overland Park is less than half an hour away from Kansas City, MO. It’s ideal for those who want to live in a quiet town but still have access to a bigger city. Additionally, schools in Overland Park are excellent and the homes are affordable and cozy, perfect for families searching for a quiet place to get away from the hustle and bustle of city life. You can also ship your car to Overland Park with the best vehicle shipping company in Kansas to make moving a breeze.

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Frederick, Maryland

For people who adore history or are looking for a city with grand architecture, Frederick, Maryland, is the place to go. This town is home to nearly 75,000 people who adore the city’s rich history and stunning buildings. From Civil War-era buildings to nationally renowned museums, this pedestrian-friendly city is lined with plenty of local shops and attractions that are both educational and riveting.

Furthermore, Frederick is a growing tech hub, recently accommodating tech startup companies, making it great for career-driven adults who are trying to get their foot in the door of the tech world. Plus, if you’re looking for some weekend entertainment, this city has plenty of countryside wineries that will provide you with an afternoon of gorgeous views and tasty drinks.

Charlottesville, Virginia

As one of the smaller spots on this list, Charlottesville, Virginia, is just the right balance between small town and city-living. This town is filled with local restaurants, concert venues, parks, wineries, and theaters to provide you with all the fun you could ever need. On top of that, this city sits between Richmond and Washington D.C., so a day trip toward a bigger adventure isn’t too far away. That being said, commuting to a neighboring city is quick, making Charlottesville an excellent place for families to settle down while also maintaining access to plenty of job opportunities.

Moving to a new location is about your personal preferences and needs, and one of these five cities just may check all the boxes on your list. With plenty of opportunities for growth in your personal life and career, there’s a good chance that you’d be more than happy to call one of these cities home.

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