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4 tips to make packing (and unpacking) painless next time you move

Moving is a hassle for several reasons, but the greatest dread of anyone looking to move to a new home is finding a way to seamlessly transition all of their items from one space to another without any problems. While moving will always be a challenge, it doesn’t have to be stressful. Here are some amazing tips to add ease and simplicity to your move by creating effective packing and unpacking systems.

Use moving packing apps

In an age where we can access unlimited information and services at our fingertips, it’s no wonder that moving apps have become a welcomed addition to the whole process. Moving apps allow homeowners to categorize their items and create handy to-do lists that keep all of their tasks in one place. Below are some handy apps to help you organize and prepare for your move.


Todoist is the go-to app when it comes to list building and task management. The app allows you to integrate your calendar and other tasks or reminder apps so you can be sure to stay on top of your responsibilities when moving.

This app makes it easy to categorize tasks, create color-coded reminders, and track your progress during your move. Use it to document inspections, wifi setup, moving days, and other deadlines that come with transferring your family from one home to another.


Sortly allows users to categorize and organize their “inventory” of items to allow for a seamless catalog of what you have in your home. You can use Sortly to help identify which boxes and rooms have which items.

To use Sortly for your move, download the app and place your items in folders and subfolders within the app. For example, if you want to categorize your sneakers, you could put them in the “bedroom” folder, followed by “closet.” You can label your physical boxes with these folder titles to make it easier to know what is inside each moving package.

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Have a household packing system

Packing systems will enhance your moving experience by eliminating unnecessary stress. You can create a household packing system by packing one room at a time and loading up the moving truck with similarly labeled boxes beside one another. This will make unpacking a breeze as all items for each room will be packed alongside one another.

Similarly, you can assign tasks or locations to different household members to make packing and unpacking a smoother process. This way, when it comes to unpacking, the person who packed each box initially will be better prepared to unpack and organize the contents within.

Label packed items

Labeling, color coding, and numbering are fantastic tactics to keep everything organized and understood. The more categorized and labeled boxes are, the easier it will be to unpack them.

Label boxes based on room, sub-location, and fragility. For breakable items like plates and bowls, label your box with words like “fragile,” “dishware,” and “this side up.” Doing so will allow for more clarification and understanding when it comes time to move a box, and you have no clue what’s inside.

Another good idea is to write these labels on the top and all sides of the box. This will ensure that no matter which way the box is facing, the mover will be aware of what is inside.

family loading boxes into a moving truck
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Maximize the space in your moving truck

Packing a moving truck isn’t challenging, but knowing how to pack correctly can prevent items from breaking and maximizes space for your move. These are our best tips for packing a moving truck effectively:

  • Put heavy items in the front: To prevent damage, it’s a good idea to pack heavy items like the washer, dryer, and refrigerator towards the front of the truck by the cab. Be sure to distribute the weight for these items against the cab wall and secure them with ties or heavier objects to prevent them from moving.
  • Use the Mom’s Attic: The Mom’s Attic is a small area above the cab. This space is ideal for electronics and fragile items as it provides the smoothest ride.
  • Store big items in the middle: Items like dressers, mattresses, furniture, and heavier boxes can be placed in the middle. When loading a dresser into the moving truck, make sure the drawers face the wall. This will prevent them from sliding open while the truck is on the road.
  • Strategically place irregular and light packages: Lighter boxes and irregularly shaped items can be placed on top of items in the middle section. Additionally, these items can be stacked towards the end of the truck to make it easier to remove them once you arrive at your new home.
  • Pack the essentials last: The last things you should pack are any tools or essential items. Place boxes and bags with essential items at the back of the truck to allow for easy access. Additionally, you can transport small essential items in a cab or a separate car.

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When preparing for a move, thorough labeling and organizing are key. Without proper categorization, you might find yourself struggling to know what is in each box or where to place your items once they arrive. Sifting through boxes to find one thing can be frustrating, so it’s best to have a system in place before moving.

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