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7 Fun Halloween Group Board Games

There’s a russet spark, a delicious warmth, and a spooky charm pervading through your surroundings. You’ve styled your home for Halloween, carved and decorated some pumpkins, designed the dining room, and prepped all the candy. Now it’s time for some fun and games. If you need some new ideas for fun Halloween board games the whole family can play throughout October and really, any time of the year, you’ve come to the right place. With selections for ages 8 and above, we hope you discover your next favorite game for those special family nights. So get ready, turn out the lights, and roll the dice!

Betrayal at House on the Hill

Number of players: 3-6

Recommended age: 12 and above

Work with teammates in this horror movie turned board game style of play to defeat the secret traitor in your midst, says The Thoughtful Gamer. Each round is different from the last as this unique game lets you build a haunted house from scratch. 

As they roll the dice and pick up different Item, Omen, and Event cards, players explore, fight, and try to make their way through the house without falling victim to the traitor’s evil agenda. We recommend this game for older teens and adults, as game play can run over an hour or more.

Dead of Winter

Number of players: 2-5

Recommended age: 14 and above

Instead of fighting off brain-hungry zombies in this apocalyptic game, you’ll be leading your own team of survivors against equally terrifying enemies like starvation and the freezing cold. You’ll be cooperating with other players while secretly achieving your classified mission. But beware: one of the players in your group is a traitor and will do anything to sabotage your common goal, says Board Game Geek.

This slow-burn game retails at $60, but you can find it on Amazon for about $38.

Shadows in the Forest

Number of players: 2-7

Recommended age: 8 and above

We recommend this easy-to-learn game for a joint kids-and-adults game night. Children will love playing this game in the dark as one player controls a supplied LED lantern and everyone else tries to hide in the dark as Shadowlings. The game even includes a glow-in-the-dark die for a better game experience.

To win, Shadowlings need to gather at the same tree without being frozen by the lantern controller. Nab one on Amazon to use during spooky season for roughly $17.00.

Ghost Fightin’ Treasure Hunters

Number of players: 2-4

Recommended age: 8 and above

You and your kids will bond over this dramatic German game. Fight ghosts and monsters together as you make your way through a haunted house while trying to flee with six treasure jewels. 

It’s straightforward and easy to learn, which makes game night more relaxing. This English version from Amazon is only a little under $50.


Number of players: 2-8

Recommended age: 14 and above

If you need a simple party game that’s more word-centric and interactive, try Medium. This word association game pairs up two people and gives them a common card. Both players must then try to say the same word that comes to mind when they see this common word. For instance, they draw the word “magic” and on the count of three, if they both think of and say “witch,” they get a point. Simple, yet tons of fun! Find it on Amazon for around $40.

13 Dead End Drive 

Number of players: 2-4

Recommended age: 9 and above

Reminiscent of the many Clue game versions of the past, Dead End Drive tasks one person with becoming the suspect in an investigation. Players must work their way through the game without revealing their secret identity until the authorities arrive.

This classic dice roll and move game is best played with kids, as the rules are pretty straightforward but still engaging. Find it on Amazon and play year-round for around $130.

Room 25

Number of players: 1-6

Recommended age: 13 and above

Some games get dull after a few rounds, but with Room 25, you have the option of three different playing modes. The game places you in a prison – really more like a diabolical genius’ maze – where you’re tasked with finding the exit. As a group, you can play together to find this elusive exit, split the group into guards versus captives, or play it lone wolf style. In this latter mode, you don’t know who the guards or the captives are, which makes the game much more exciting. The first edition of the game is around $18 on Amazon.

What games can you play with 10 people? 

We recommend Deception (ages 14 and up) or One Night Ultimate Werewolf (ages 8 and up) if you have a group of 10 people. Both have a similar premise where you discover the secret identity of one person in the group. In One Night Ultimate Werewolf, however, everyone is a player and there’s no moderator compared to Deception. Both are very entertaining, but Deception goes a little longer with a 20 minute average per game. 

Get into the Halloween spirit year-round with these fun, albeit spooky board games. If you’re playing with little ones, keep in mind that each board game typically has an age recommendation not just for content (scary stuff!), but for how complex the rules are. Nevertheless, we’re sure you’ll find an age-appropriate game here that the whole family can enjoy. Happy haunting!

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