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Good, better, best: Outdoor motion activated lights to keep the party going

Outdoor motion-activated lights transform your backyard or patio space into a safe and stunning venue for parties and family gatherings. As the sky darkens, you’ll never find greater peace of mind than you do with motion-activated lights. They turn on automatically, allowing your space the opportunity to continue serving you and your party guests for hours to come. And while you may have thought that outdoor security lights were a hindrance to your curb appeal, think again!

Below are some of the best outdoor motion-activated lights to illuminate your evening without becoming an eyesore on your property. They’re sophisticated, affordable, and revolutionary for your evening party scene.

Good: LITOM Original Solar Lights

The LITOM solar lights are fantastic for anyone looking to save on electricity fees. These modern lights use solar energy to illuminate walkways, patios, and backyards during the evening. They have a 270-degree range, allowing them to light up space three times better than average solar lights.

The features that we loved most about this light are its longevity and durability. The light is heat and waterproof and absorbs sun rays on cloudy and rainy days. This motion-activated light is also capable of 30,000 hours of illumination, meaning it will serve your needs for many evenings to come.

If you want a simple, sleek, and energy-efficient outdoor light that rests seamlessly about your backdoor or patio door, this is a fantastic option.

Better: LEONLITE LED Security Lights

This security light by LEONLITE is perfect for those who want more flexibility and range. This light features two adjustable mounting boxes that allow for 360-degree rotations. Installation is a breeze compared to similar brands and takes an average of fifteen to twenty minutes.

We were really impressed with the range of motion on these lights and the sturdy metal material on the casing that provides corrosion resistance. Another impressive feature of these lights is that they are motion sensored for up to seventy feet. This is a great quality for families who want to enhance the security of their homes with lighting.

While they aren’t the most appealing lights to look at, they perform better than many other lights we tried. These lights provide 1600 lumens from a 20W bulb, which we found to be very impressive!

Best: Bayside Mission 150° Motion-Sensing Wall Lantern

If you’re looking for a bright security light that also showcases sophistication and elegance, then the Bayside Mission wall lantern may be an excellent option for you. We can’t deny that this is the most beautiful security light on our list. We love how effortlessly it fits in with any outdoor space without detracting from the home’s natural beauty.

This light comes with a few different settings. The most notable is the automatic shut-off that allows the light to be on for thirty minutes before turning off to save energy. This is great for those who forget to turn their patio lights off after the party is over!

Additionally, the Bayside Mission light has a motion-sensing setting and the ability to turn on when dark automatically. The automatic responses are perfect for busy families ad we love how the lantern casts an even glow over a large area to provide efficient lighting.

No matter your outdoor needs, these lights are sure to impress party guests while also increasing safety around your home. Many buyers of the LITOM light favored its range and energy efficiency, while buyers of the LEONITE light enjoyed its flexibility. Of course, the Bayside Mission light reigned supreme as many reviewers shared our opinion about the sophistication and functionality. Regardless of which lighting solution you select, you’ll end up with a great addition to your yard and can party on knowing that you and your guests will be safe.

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