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These are the best outdoor lighting solutions

If you’re looking for unique outdoor lighting solutions to dress up your outdoor patio or lounge space, you may be wondering what to do. Outdoor magazines are saturated with images of boring torch lights or single fire pits. But what should you do if you want a more sophisticated space? What are your options if you don’t want a fire pit?

We’ll cover some of our favorite outdoor lighting solutions that not only improve your space but also require little effort to install and care for. Your outdoor space should feel like a relaxing, calming oasis, not like some hard to maintain lantern festival.

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Things to consider for outdoor lighting

Before we dive into our favorite outdoor lighting solutions, it’s important to consider a few key factors regarding your outdoor lighting.


First, you need to set an expectation for durability. If you don’t intend to bring the lights in during a storm or when they’re not in use, you’ll want lighting solutions that can withstand the test of time and, ultimately, the environment.

Solar power

Solar power is a fantastic solution for outdoor lighting because it doesn’t require a fuel source or electrical hookup. While solar power is a great way to gather energy for your outdoor lights, you need to consider the general availability of sunlight where you live.

If you don’t think solar-powered lights will work for you, you may need to consider using a different source to power your outdoor lighting.

Types of outdoor lighting

Now that you are aware of the main components that will dictate the type of lights that will best suit your outdoor space, we can discuss some of the trendiest lighting solutions for your patio and yard.

outdoor string and hanging lights on patio

Hanging string lights

One of the most beloved outdoor lighting trends recently has been the use of hanging string lights. They are a sophisticated and classy addition to any patio, deck, or yard and don’t require a lot of time or prep for installation.

You will need a nearby electrical outlet for this solution to work. Though, some brands of outdoor string lights offer solar-powered or battery-operated solutions.

Drape your string lights by connecting one end of the strand to your home or a post and continue hanging each strand until you reach the desired effects. You can use cable wire clips to hold the strands in place.

The great thing about this lighting solution is that you can choose from a variety of styles. Fairy lights and vintage light bulbs are the most popular. However, there are plenty of other designs to choose from, so you’re bound to find one you love.

Tiki torches

Tiki torches have been a favorite among outdoor lighting for a long time. While there are certainly some solar-powered tiki torches, the classic kerosene powered tiki torch is much more attractive.

These torches are simple to install and can be placed throughout your yard. Place the stake part of the torch into the ground and fill the oil container with the recommended fluid. The torches are straightforward to light and often come with a set of instructions on how to maintain them properly.

These torches feature beautiful dancing fires atop tall poles to provide authentic and warm lighting to your landscape.

outdoor square pathway lighting
Image used with permission by copyright holder

Pathway lights

If you want to venture down the classic outdoor porch lights route, pathway lights are a must. While you can always opt for the standard solar-powered lights along your pathway, there are several other options to choose from.

Some people use in-ground lighting that can be placed in between stone pathways or along the sides. These lights fit into the ground nearby and light up the path with a soft glow.

Smaller security lights are also a great option and work wonders for people with several bushes or flower beds in their yard. You can tuck the lights in between the foliage and aim them towards pathways or patios to light up the walkway. The best outside safety lights illuminate your path without detracting from the natural scenery.

Another unique solution is to purchase pathway lights of different shapes and figures. Rather than opt for the traditional torch styled light, try out some moon or star patterns. There are several different styles of pathway lights, including lanterns, globes, and floating shapes.


If you have a patio overhang that is sturdy and durable, you can choose to install an outdoor chandelier. Chandeliers are fancy and timeless. They truly elevate a space and create a sense of being indoors while you’re outside.

Installing an outdoor chandelier may require professional help, depending on your experience. Essentially, an electrical cord runs from your house to the lighting outside. With the flip of a switch, you can turn the chandelier on and off as needed.

Again, there are several sizes and styles to choose from, so you can be sure to pick one that best suits your space. Additionally, you can always opt for an outdoor fan to help circulate air and cool off the covered area in the summer.

While outdoor lighting can be repetitive, there’s no reason you can’t experiment with additional lighting. You can have an outdoor chandelier and string lights if it suits you. Change up the shapes and styles of your tiki torches or your pathway lights. With so many options to choose from, you’re guaranteed to find something that suits your decor and expresses your household’s personality.

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