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Start the morning off right with these 9 Mediterranean diet breakfasts

One of the healthiest — and tastiest — diets in the world comes from the Mediterranean. With a focus on whole grains, fresh fruits, lean proteins, and veggies, this eating style is easy to follow for every meal throughout the day, starting with breakfast. If you’ve thought about adding some Mediterranean flair into your morning routine, we’re here to help. Easy, healthy, and mouthwateringly delicious, you’ll want to eat these Mediterranean diet breakfasts for every meal of the day.

How to build a healthy Mediterranean breakfast

Think of Mediterranean breakfasts as a game of mix ’n match, making sure you consume a healthy combination of protein, fiber, and carbs with every meal. As an example of a textbook Mediterranean meal, think of a breakfast sandwich consisting of whole-grain bread, scrambled eggs, spinach, tomatoes, and a slice of avocado on top. Whole grains, protein, and healthy fats? Done, done, and done.

When you choose the right combination of protein, fiber, and carbs, you’ll not only achieve a healthy and tasty meal, but you’ll feel full and satisfied well into the morning. This way, you won’t be tempted to snack too much before lunch. As a plus, this diet doesn’t require you to count calories or follow complex macronutrient formulas. All you need are healthy ingredients, limited processed foods, and a little bit of common sense. If you like eggs and veggies and are a sucker for olive oil and cheese (who isn’t?), you can live like Mediterraneans for the rest of your life.

9 out-of-this-world Mediterranean breakfast recipes

Mediterranean breakfast sandwich

Skip the fat and calorie-laden breakfast sandwiches from your bagel shop. This breakfast sandwich is packed with veggies, plus a healthy dose of protein, on low-carb sandwich bread. At just 242 calories, it’s a healthy choice for breakfast on the go.

Yogurt with berries & honey

The simplicity of this Mediterranean breakfast staple will make it a favorite in your household. All you need is protein-rich Greek yogurt, seasonal berries, and a touch of sweetness in the form of a drizzle of golden honey. The balance of protein and fiber will keep you energized, and the honey will surely satisfy your sweet tooth.

Easy, fluffy lemon ricotta pancakes

A new way to do pancakes, these ricotta pancakes, with a hint of lemon flavor, are made with whipped egg whites so they turn out super light and fluffy.

Tip: These pancakes can be stored in the fridge for up to five days or frozen, in an airtight container, for up to two months.

Easy muesli

This make-ahead Mediterranean breakfast classic is packed with whole grains and fiber, and is only 188 calories. Make a big batch on the weekend to last you all week long. Muesli is delicious when served hot or cold, making it the perfect on-the-go snack. This toasty, nutty, chewy goodness will fill you up and keep you satisfied until lunchtime.

Fig & ricotta toast

Avocado toast has nothing on this Mediterranean-inspired dish that combines ricotta cheese, figs, honey, almonds, and flaky sea salt to create a quick ’n easy breakfast for any day of the week. At just 252 calories, it’s filling and diet-friendly.

Breakfast parfaits with fig compote

This breakfast delight is so decadent, you may be tempted to serve it as a dessert. Protein-rich Greek yogurt forms the base, and the fig compote, sweetened with honey and cinnamon, takes it to a whole new level.

Mediterranean breakfast pitas

Start your day off right with a powerful punch of protein in this tasty combination of eggs and hummus. A great take ’n go breakfast option, this pita pocket is much healthier than those drive-through breakfast offerings.

Muffin-tin spanakopita omelets

Inspired by Greek spanakopita, these little omelets consisting of spinach, onion, and feta cheese nest inside mini phyllo dough crusts. A serving of two muffins comes in at just 266 calories.

Make-it-easier tip: Use pre-made phyllo dough cups, available in your grocery store’s freezer section.

Hearty breakfast fruit salad

This hearty fruit salad features healthy whole grains, fresh herbs, and a sweet-tart dressing, giving a new dimension to the classic fruit salad. Feel free to switch up the ingredients based on seasonality or what you currently have on hand.

Stop the breakfast shakes, skipped meals, and egg white-only omelets. Eating healthier can be easier and more delicious than you ever thought possible. Knowing which ingredients meet the criteria is half the battle, then it’s a matter of mixing and matching to create the Mediterranean breakfast recipes that will fill you up without weighing you down. 

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