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These are our 7 favorite space-saving tips for storing jewelry

In the dilemma of ‘problems we encounter while getting dressed,’ few things are more frustrating than hunting for that perfect bangle bracelet when you’re already late. And, it doesn’t help if your jewelry drawer is a messy tangle of chains and mismatched earrings. If you’re tempted to do a quick purge and start over, wait—maybe the issue isn’t the amount of jewelry you own, but rather the way you’ve chosen to organize (or, in this case, disorganize) it. 

When it comes to the best way to organize jewelry, there are many options available to you, all contingent upon your space requirements, the amount of jewelry you own, and even the difference between costume and real jewels. But luckily, we’re here to help you stay neat and organized with these great jewelry storage hacks!

Best Ways to Organize Jewelry 

Let’s get dishy

Here’s an idea for holding your everyday jewelry—your engagement or wedding ring, your go-to earrings, your watch, and maybe even your Fitbit, so they are within easy reach whenever you need them. Utilize a pretty, shallow tray or dish at your bedside so you can take your jewelry essentials off at the end of the day, toss them into the dish, and have them there when you wake up. While pretty much any small dish will do, we love picking up something truly unique at tag sales or antique shops.

Stacked in your favor


If you have a big jewelry collection but not a lot of space to store it, we highly recommend purchasing one of the many modular, stackable storage solutions available today. We love the Supersize Stacker collection from The Container Store. It allows you to build the perfect jewelry storage solution for your collection. Using the ‘a place for everything, and everything in its place’ mindset, you can separate rings from bracelets, earrings from necklaces, with each having a well-designed space all its own. Add more vertical stacks as your collection grows without taking up additional dresser or shelf space. We love having the ability to purchase the components that offer the best storage options for your unique jewelry collection. They even offer a folding travel tray for taking your accessories with you on your next out-of-town getaway. Have a lot of jewelry? This is the solution for you!

Out of sight, but still on your mind!

Have a whole lot of jewelry, but would rather keep your collection hidden away? Do a bit of drawer reorganization and designate a top drawer just for jewelry. Then, invest in a few drawer organizers with compartments that will keep your baubles separate and safe. We love this idea because it allows you to customize exactly the type and amount of storage you need. You’ll find plenty of drawer organizing options both online and in your neighborhood stores. 

Let it all hang out

Instead of keeping your jewelry out of sight, why not put it on display? A jewelry tree offers pretty storage that keeps your necklaces, rings, bracelets, and hoop earrings safe, accessible, and front and center on your dresser, nightstand, or shelf.

Double-duty storage

If space is really at a premium, you’ll appreciate a jewelry storage option that offers multiple uses. We found one at Amazon that we love because it provides extra shelf storage at the top, a hanging jewelry area below, and mounts on the wall! That’s a real win in any space-challenged home. 

Hang it up

If you’re looking for a unique answer to the dilemma of how to organize jewelry when you have absolutely no extra space to do it, we have the solution. Hanging jewelry storage organizers have see-through pockets galore to keep everything visible and separated. With styles available to hang over the back of a closet, bedroom, or bathroom door or slip discreetly on the rod inside your closet, these practical products provide a whole lot of storage without taking up any space at all. 

When a regular jewelry box just won’t do

If you’re known in your circle as the ‘accessory queen,’ and you have more jewelry than could ever comfortably fit in a standard jewelry box or storage container, it might be time to up your game. You can buy standing jewelry furniture pieces (many with locking drawers for valuable pieces), but we love the idea of repurposing a yard sale lingerie chest or armoire as a makeshift jewelry chest. Have fun refinishing it to enhance your decor, add unique drawer pulls or knobs, and retrofit it with drawer organizer inserts to keep your special accessories in place.

No more excuses, no more tangled necklaces, there are fabulous and affordable jewelry storage solutions whether you have just a few treasured pieces or a full-blown jewelry obsession. Follow our tips and suggestions to maximize your space and learn to organize your jewelry the right way. 

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