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How to Feng Shui Your Home Office for Maximum Productivity

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While the overall topic is somewhat complex, the essentials of feng shui can easily be implemented into your home office space, giving you a boost in energy and productivity. Basically, the 2,300-year-old Chinese art comprises balancing the energy of a space to support your personal energy using elements of nature, light, color, and customized inspirational pieces. You can feng shui your home office in a number of ways, including the following:

Clear clutter

Start by clearing away all the clutter you can see in your office — as well as any you can’t see that’s cluttering up your drawers, closets, or work bags. Toss it all out, including any excess information kept on your schedule, all those old voicemails and texts stored on your phone, and any other unnecessary collection. While you’re finishing up this task, see how well-balanced your office space is. Do you have too much one side, and very little on the other? Too much of one color or theme and not much else, etc.? See what you can do to balance things out and make it feel more harmonious overall.

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Consider the desk

Does your desk face the door? Consider moving it so that it does. This is said to place you in a “power position” so that you greet the energy coming through the door. With this in mind, however, it’s also important to back your desk away from the door several feet so as not to continuously mix with the flow of energy moving to and fro outside the door, which can be distracting from your work productivity throughout the day.

Can’t do it? It happens. Some office spaces simply don’t allow for everyone to place their desk exactly as they wish. If your back is to the door, however, try placing a mirror subtly so you can see who is coming in the door behind you.

And finally, what is your desk made of? Most feng shui guides recommend wood as the best desk material, although some also add that there should be a unifying piece placed on it to reign in a more focused energy for your home office . A shiny metallic piece of artwork or an eye-catching aromatherapy diffuser can help out quite a bit. And see if you can find a desk with rounded edges instead of sharp; we’ll explain this in more detail later.

Get some back-up

When you sit in your office chair, what’s behind you? It’s more important than you might think. When you’re seated at your desk, it’s good to have something strong behind you…it’s sort of symbolically “backing you up” for the day of work, feng shui-wise. Try to avoid sitting in front of windows or other pieces of furniture, and instead opt for the solid wall or a thick-backed chair to cradle you in. Remember to find the most ergonomically accurate seating as possible, too — you want to back yourself up with the right stuff to maintain a healthy spine, and stand up and take a stroll a few times throughout the work day as well.

Light it up

When considering your home office lighting, you may find that old-school incandescent full-spectrum light bulbs are the healthiest energy-wise. We prefer several lamps around the room over a ceiling full of humming fluorescent lighting, but find what suits you best. And remember to shut them off when not in use, and especially when leaving the office.

Pull in your favorites

Bring in your favorite artwork, throw pillows and light blankets in your favorite colors, energizing quotes and phrases, framed pictures of loved ones and pets, etc. These treasures can re-charge you on the difficult days and remind you why you bother to come to work at all.

Careful of sharp edges

Feng shui asks us to aim sharp edges away from ourselves and others. Instead, point them toward the wall or away from anyone’s flow of energy. If you can’t aim them away, cover them.

Create beautiful views

Create or enhance beautiful views in your home office (got any pretty fish and an aquarium around?) and/or cover unpleasant views. This helps keep the energy light and positive in the office.

Cleanse and freshen the air

Bring in some plants and other decor to boost your energy and filter the air. Make sure you keep the windows open as often as possible (if fresh air is available outside the open window). A Money Tree (Pachira Aquatica) or bamboo plant would be perfect as they would act as air purifiers and also represent good luck, wealth and earning money for the household. English Ivy, Boston Ferns, and rubber trees may also carry the type of energy you need — just be careful if pets visit the office — some of these plants can be toxic to animals. A Himalayan salt lamp, a light/subtle aromatherapy diffuser, and other similar items might work well, too.

Add a water feature

Add a small fountain or other similar type of water feature to your home office space. Consider the direction in which it is placed as this has meaning in feng shui. If you can, consult a bagua energy map. For example, if you place your fountain in the east portion of your office, it represents health and family matters, while if you put it in the south, your reputation is held in prominence, although the whole reputation realm comes into contact with problematic spiritual water when it should be exposed only to fire. Follow the cues of the map to find the optimal space for your water.

Those should be good to start off the feng shui level productivity in your home office. We wish you the very best regarding your home office energy and working through any issues that may happen to arise as you shift things around. Enjoy your space and keep it sacred!

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