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5 Father’s Day gifts for the guy who’s always in his office

Finding the right Father’s Day gift for the guy who’s always in his office can be tricky. You have to find something functional, exciting, and easy to appreciate in a business setting. If you’re looking for a Father’s Day gift that is sure to impress a busy dad, we’ve got you covered.

Whether he needs a bit more organization in his life or he loves to maintain that childlike wonder within the workplace, we’ve gathered some of the best Father’s Day gifts to celebrate the special day.

Ridge Wallet

The Ridge Wallet has gained a lot of popularity in the past year, and for a good reason! This wallet is sleek and compact while also maintaining its functionality. So if your dad is a guy who could use a bit more organization in his life, this is the perfect gift.

Many men adore the minimalist qualities of this wallet. It stores all credit cards and bank cards in a secure and safe slot that is easy to access with a slight push of the thumb. Additionally, the cash clip is excellent for storing change on the go, meaning a quick dash to the vending machine won’t send him into a frenzy trying to grab his loose change.

The Ridge Wallet is designed to hold exactly what he needs without allowing too much room for overfilling the wallet. This is an excellent Father’s Day gift for the working dad who wants to take control of his wallet clutter.

Why we like the Ridge wallet:

  • It’s compact and minimal
  • Perfect for the guy always on the go
  • Allows for efficiency and organization

Wireless Headphones

Wireless headphones are a must in nearly any setting, and for the guy always in the office, this is the perfect way to balance work and relaxation.

The Powerbeats headphones come with Bluetooth technology and fifteen hours of listening time. This long-lasting set of earbuds is a great way to make calls or listen to music on the go. Whether he opts for some music as he heads to lunch or prefers to play Mozart while working, these headphones are a gift he’s sure to use every day.

The best feature of these headphones is the built-in microphone that allows the user to take calls. For a guy dedicated to his work, this will enable him to float effortlessly between work and play without any distraction or complication.

Why we like the Powerbeats headphones:

  • They’re light and easy to wear in any setting
  • They come with Bluetooth adaptability
  • Offer a built-in microphone for taking phone calls

Scriveiner Luxury Pen

Luxury pens are an office delight. Their fancy and effortless scrawl can send coworkers drooling. If your dad has been looking for a signature pen, the Scriveiner Luxury Pen is sure to impress.

This pen is crafted out of brass and black lacquer with 24 karat gold appointments. The liquid ink is far superior to any gel pen, meaning that the writing experience is smooth, rich, and unforgettable. The pen swipes effortlessly across the page, leaving behind a stunning, silky line of ink that highlights the craftsmanship needed to create such beauty.

If you’re looking for a Father’s Day gift your dad can use daily that will make him feel on top of the world, this is a great choice.

Why we like the Scriviener luxury pen:

  • Its sophisticated and elegant design is a great addition to any office
  • Provides a seamless scrawl that will amaze users
  • Perfect for the guy who values his penmanship

WeatherTech Cell Phone Stand

Cell phone stands are a must for any office desk. They allow the perfect place to rest, charge, or dock a phone. If your dad is someone who takes several conference calls, this could be a fantastic addition to his office space.

The WeatherTech cell phone stand is durable and features easy-to-use adjustments that allow users to set the phone in any position necessary for optimal view. In addition, its dark color and simple appearance will enable it to blend into any office environment without detracting from the sophisticated look of the office.

If your dad is a guy who enjoys having calls and tech at his fingertips during the workday, this cellphone stand is a great option and one sure to last many years to come.

Why we like the WeatherTech cellphone stand:

  • Perfect for the busy guy who needs his phone nearby and accessible
  • Made of durable material that will last years
  • Functional and non-distracting design

Floating Globe Desk Toy

For the dad who remains a child at heart, desk toys are an excellent addition to any office space. The floating globe desk toy wows everyone who sees it. The magnetic pull allows the globe to float, creating an illusion that feels like magic!

Additionally, this desk toy features an LED light that exaggerated the mystical properties of this desk gadget. Its sleek and contemporary design allows the toy to fit seamlessly in any office environment without distracting from that corporate feel. However, coworkers and your father alike will all be enamored but this fun and unique Father’s Day gift.

Why we like the floating globe desk toy:

  • Perfect for the dad who is a child at heart
  • A fun addition to the traditional office setting
  • A fun way for kids to bond with dad over a Father’s Day gift

These Father’s Day office gifts are a great way to show appreciation to a guy who likes to keep himself busy. Whether you’re looking for functionality, amusement, or a way to mix both, these are items he’s sure to adore for years to come.

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