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How to host an amazing virtual Father’s Day celebration

Father’s Day is right around the corner, and like many holidays this past year, things are looking a little different. Whether Dad’s away for work or you’re trying to find a way to celebrate Father’s Day during Covid, there are several unique opportunities available to celebrate and host an amazing virtual Father’s Day celebration!

Below are some of our favorite ideas for throwing the perfect virtual get-together. For families big and small with kids of all ages, these virtual Father’s Day ideas are sure to create memories everyone will cherish for years to come.

What to do before the holiday

After seeing some of our suggestions below, pick the one that fits perfectly for you and your family and begin preparations! Everyone should have a reliable internet connection on the big day, and you want to ensure that each party is familiar with the programs being used.

Some of the programs come as a learning experience, so make sure a trial run is held before Father’s Day. This will help the celebration run smoothly and will allow for more time to enjoy the moment.

Watch a movie or show together

A fun way to celebrate Father’s Day is to host a virtual movie night. Everyone can prepare their own popcorn in their kitchen and sit back with a cozy blanket to share a virtual movie experience.

In the past year, extensions like Netflix Party and Metastream have allowed people who are separated to enjoy movies and tv shows together. This is an excellent idea for movie buffs to share some laughs and enjoy a thrilling home movie despite the distance.

family cooking on video call

Cook together

For dads and families who love to work in the kitchen together, a virtual cooking event could be just the thing to do. Call Dad on your preferred face chatting software program and spend the evening cooking the same meal.

For more advanced home cooks, join a virtual cooking class together or sign up to virtually follow along with some world-famous chefs!

Order food delivery for Dad

If cooking isn’t your dad’s forte, try scheduling some food to be delivered right to his door. You can gift him with takeout or a meal from his favorite restaurant. To join in on the fun, order something for yourself and spend the evening conversing and having a good time over a tasty meal. This is a great way to have fun for a lockdown Father’s Day online!

Try a virtual museum tour

Since the pandemic, many museums have adapted to host virtual tours. If your dad is a history buff or loves spending time admiring art in the local art museum, check online to see which museums offer virtual tours.

Some notable choices include the Louvre and the Museum of Natural History who offer virtual tours for the public. This is an especially great option for older kids who love learning and sharing ideas and insights with Dad.

Send Dad a letter

This may be a bit old-fashioned, but writing a letter can be a fun way to talk to Dad without any need to meet in person. Write a handwritten note packed with how grateful you are to have Dad in your life. To make the letter more meaningful, add some photos, stickers, and even Dad’s favorite candy to the letter. Just be sure the candy is completely wrapped!

If you want affordable photos to print off, FreePrints is an app that allows for over fifty free photos a month. You only have to pay for shipping!

Younger kids might enjoy cutting and gluing small paper crafts to send to dad. Handmade greeting cards are always a favorite!

If you send the letters early enough, you can ask Dad to wait to open them until Father’s Day. Host a face chat and watch his reaction upon opening and reading your card!

man waving at his phone camera during virtual call

Play virtual games

The internet is home to several fantastic game sites. If your dad is a gamer, you guys could always gear up for an online game on the Xbox, PlayStation, or computer.

If gaming and console systems aren’t really your thing, sites like Jackbox host several traditionally styled party games online. Gather the whole family and try out a game like Quiplash or Drawful and spend the evening bonding over virtual board games.

Just because you have to spend Father’s Day apart doesn’t mean that you can’t have a good time with Dad. Get creative and find a way to do something you both love together. Just be sure that all new programs are understood by both parties before the big day so that technology mess-ups don’t spoil the celebration. Virtual classes and movie nights are a fantastic way to bond. And if you have the extra time, mix and match these ideas to create a day you will all remember.

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