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Revealed: The Costco deals pro shoppers never pass up

These are the best Costco membership deals, according to real shoppers

Not all deals are created equal when it comes to wholesale retailers like Costco. We all know that there are some deals you should always jump at (Costco rotisserie chicken, we’re looking at you), and other deals best left on the shelves.

But what are the absolute best Costco deals? Pro shoppers answered that for us. In a recent post on the r/Costco subreddit, Redditor gonja619 related a conversation with a Costco worker on a recent shopping trip.

“I asked someone who worked there to help me find the minced garlic and the employee said, ‘That’s the best deal in the store,’” they explained. “I paused for a moment to think about it and I found it hard to argue with him. It’s like $4 or $5 for a huge thing of garlic [whereas] a tiny one at a supermarket is like $2.50.”

They then posed the question to other Costco shoppers, and the responses were overwhelming. Here are some of the top-rated choices.

Thai jasmine rice

Redditor bloodredyouth noted that “it’s really great quality” and “is really forgiving if you accidentally add too much water.”

JustMelissa added, “We love this rice. Our family of four goes through a bag every 6-plus months or so. [We] even use this rice to make Spanish rice.” She uses two cookie-jar-sized plastic storage containers to hold the rice, scooping from the top whenever she needs it for a dish. “We also have higher humidity at times, so dry storing is important for keeping it edible,” she explained.


 Redditor clutchthirty pointed out that you can get a big bottle of vanilla for about $10. Others jumped in with their agreement, noting how happy they were the price had come down again (it shot up for a while due to droughts in producing countries).

Not sure you can use that much vanilla extract?

“You bake with it,” offered uppitywhine. “It has about a five-year shelf life. Even if you don’t use all of it, it’s still a far better value and much better quality than anything you could buy at the grocery store.”

Redditor districtly added, “Vanilla is to baking as garlic is to cooking. You can use it in many, many recipes to enhance the flavor: cookies, cakes, frostings, brownies, custards, pies, ice creams, etc.”


 Pesto was another popular choice due to its large container (especially compared to the small jars you find at the grocery store).

Redditor Hawkbit had this piece of advice for any pesto lovers. “I dollop the jar out into little ice cube trays if I can’t finish it quick enough and it lasts forever. Works amazing to add to all kinds of quick dinners like pasta, sandwiches, risotto, etc.,” they said.

Allergy pills

Or, really, any kind of medication. From allergy pills like Claritin and Zyrtec to OTCs for pain and muscle relief, Redditors marveled at how they could get a year’s supply of medicine for less than $20.

Redditor ancillarycheese noted, “Just restocked my Zyrtec. 1 year for $14. Pretty sure it used to be $10 but that would be like $100+ at Meijer.”

User thesmash agreed. “The Costco Claritin-d is Iike $4.49; generic CVS usually runs around $15 and Claritin $20. Membership pays for itself with that,” they said.


Another Costco deal that pays for membership? Gas.

“Their gasoline is far and away better than most anywhere else,” said Sirerdrick64, noting that this is especially true since Costco offers a top-tier blend. “Now they are typically $0.50 / gallon cheaper, all with having the best quality gas you can buy. In a lot of cases, I’d guess that joining Costco just for their cheaper gas would be worth it for most families.”

Redditor mrsbebe agreed. “Honestly, when we joined Costco we were a little unsure whether or not we could justify it by our shopping alone. What made us do it was the gas prices,” they said.

Xgoddamnelectricx pointed out that it’s been a “big saver in the last 6 months compared to the competition. There’s also never an open pump any time of the day and a minimum 10-minute wait…which says something.”

Of course, there are plenty of other great Costco deals. From the delicious pumpkin pie to the maple syrup, you’re sure to find a deal to get excited about. (And, if you don’t, there’s always the super cheap hot dog deal in the food court.)

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