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These 5 affordable organizers are the secret to keeping your car clean

Do you ever find yourself cringing when a friend asks for a ride? You know your car is a disorganized mess, and you’re going to spend the next 20 minutes cleaning it out.

It doesn’t have to be that way.

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With a few simple tools and tricks, you can keep your car neat and tidy all the time. We’ll show you some affordable organizers that will make your friends envy your control over chaos.

High Road Accordion Trunk and Cargo Organizer

High Road Accordion Trunk Organizer

This accordion organizer from High Road is the perfect answer to one of the most disorganized areas of your vehicle — your trunk or cargo area.

“I really like my cargo carrier! It’s lightweight, yet sturdy, and it has the room to hold my groceries and other purchases. I really like the accordion feature; I can fold it back to make room for larger items or to fold a seat down.” — Gaylene Eidsaune from Madison, Ala.

This organizer is affordably priced and has a lot of helpful features, including:

  • Collapsibility: You can easily collapse individual compartments to make it smaller, or you can fold the whole organizer up to place it neatly away under a seat or in a storage area.
  • Velcro: It features Velcro grip strips on the bottom of each end to help it grip the carpet lining in your trunk or cargo area, so it doesn’t slide around as you drive.
  • Bottle bin: The bottle bin includes a movable three or four compartments to store drinks or other items easily.
  • Multiple compartments: It has four inner compartments that you can use to easily sort your items and keep them organized.

Tame your glove compartment with binders

You can take control of your glove compartment with a simple and readily accessible combination of a receipt folder and a standard three-ring binder.

Instead of simply shoving important receipts in your glove compartment or center console, your receipt organizer can help you neatly sort and store them. You can make tabs by category, such as gas, oil changes, car washes, other maintenance, car supplies, or anything else you consider to be important.

You can also organize your larger paper necessities like insurance papers, car manuals, registration papers, emergency numbers, and other items in a simple three-ring binder with dividers. This makes it easy for you to find what you need when you need it.

A shower caddy organizes kids’ toys

A stylish and portable shower caddy from mDesign can be the perfect item to help you organize children’s toys.

I replaced gaudy bright green and purple caddies with these clean white caddies, and it really matches the look of my craft space, and the white caddies highlight the beautiful colors of my art supplies. Great product! Definitely bought them more for the look but also like the quality of them.” — Elisa, Amazon-verified purchaser

This caddy helps you in a few key ways:

  • Doesn’t stay in the car: The kid’s toy caddy can be brought in with you when you get home, so the kids’ toys don’t have to stay in your care all the time.
  • Limits toys: Kids like to bring everything they can with them on a car ride. By providing a simple caddy, you can teach them to only bring what will fit in it.
  • Makes toys portable: If you’re going somewhere that the kids can bring their toys in with them, they can easily grab the whole caddy and take it in. This makes it much easier to get in and out of the car without having to fish toys out from between seats.
  • Teaches organization: Your child can now be responsible for packing and keeping track of their own toys. This teaches organizational strategies that they will hopefully remember later in life, as well.

Utilize stylish tissue storage

During cold and flu season, it’s essential to keep tissues on hand when you’re driving. However, there’s nothing more awkward and unsightly than a clunky tissue box in your floorboard or center console. It can be tempting to turn to travel tissue packs, but those are often hard to open and get to when you’re driving.

This car tissue holder is the perfect solution.

“For years we’ve dealt with a Kleenex box in our vehicles. ‘Where is it today?’ ‘I can’t reach it when I need it!’ ‘The box is falling apart from being jostled about!”

No more!

“After getting this product and mounting it to the passenger side visor — we now can enjoy having tissue close at hand and when we need it. It mounts very easily — just slides onto the visor. It does not come loose and stays where it’s supposed to stay. It is narrow enough that it does not impede line of sight when the visor is up. We chose to put it on the passenger side only because our garage door opener is on the driver’s side. A must-have!” — gkhelland, Amazon-verified purchaser

It mounts quickly and easily to the visor, back seat, or car door and puts tissues in reach without making your car look cluttered. It also refills easily with standard-size tissues.

Stayhold cargo and trunk organizers

These cargo organizers are the perfect solution to transporting anything that always rolls around as you drive. From grocery bags to potted plants, they keep your items securely upright and in position.

The Stayhold organizers use Velcro to grip your carpet or rubber liner in your car trunk or cargo area to prevent objects from moving.

This truly lives up to the advertised promises. I saw this item on the TV show I Want That and had to try it out. All I can say is wow! I ended up buying a set for my car, one for my husband’s, and a set for each of my parents. They stay where you put them, in any pattern, and do a great job of holding the groceries in place and not rolling all over the car or trunk.

“They really do work. And the fact they can be repositioned each time is an added bonus. If you don’t have them, you need to get them.” — cdvc1216, Amazon-verified purchaser

Once you have your car neatly organized and tidy with these handy products and tricks, you’ll drive on happily in your well-kept and clean ride.

Meanwhile, give your garage a makeover with these 3 easy and affordable ways.

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