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Smart thermostat on a wall

Yes, you should have a smart thermostat, and these are the ones to buy

A smart thermostat makes heating and cooling your space a breeze. We list the best ones for your home -- at every price point.
Clean white kitchen with hardwood floors

10 kitchen upgrades for under $130 this holiday season

You should consider upgrading your kitchen a holiday gift to yourself. We list easy, inexpensive ideas to put a fresh face on it.
granite countertop kitchen

How to make your own granite cleaner

How to make your own granite cleaner at home in just a few steps.
Cup of coffee on a pile of coffee beans

The absolute best coffee gear you should get this holiday season

We have a great gift list for the coffee lover. These ideas are the perfect way to make it the most caffeinated Christmas ever.
A sous vide bag cooking in water

Good, better, best: Our recommendations for sous vide machines

Sous vide cooking is a super-convenient method of making delicious meals. We provide a ranked list best sous vide machines available.
cleaning spray bottle

How to make your own all-purpose cleaner

Instructions for how to make a homemade all-purpose cleaner.