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These stuffed animal storage ideas will keep your kids’ rooms from becoming a cluttered mess

Stuffed animal storage tips that you and your kids will love

Mom and child playing with stuffed animals

Your house is a well-organized space and gorgeously designed, so you want your kids’ rooms to be on par. Easier said than done, right? You want your kids to be kids and have a fun space that they feel happy and comfortable in, but you also don’t want it to look like a tornado runs through it 24/7.

Stuffed animals are possibly the most common kids’ toys that children tend to throw anywhere they please, causing quite a mess in their rooms. Though light and fluffy, you still don’t want to see them all over the floor. Here are some stuffed animal storage ideas that will help keep your kids’ rooms organized for good.

Stuffed animal hammock

Our first pick is a stuffed animal hammock, and for good reason. Kids love piling their stuffed animals together in one space where they can still see them. Plus, you’re using lots of vertical space and freeing up space on shelves and other furniture for other items. 

You can hang a stuffed animal hammock in a corner of the room or even above your kids’ beds. You can teach your children to gather them and throw them all in the hammock each night before going to bed. It’s a win-win.

Organized room with stuffed animals

Display shelving

You want to keep your kids’ rooms cute and fun — not too bland and serious. That’s why displaying their stuffed animals is always a great option. Install a wall shelf or a bookshelf unit in your kids’ rooms with a space low enough for them to reach and place their stuffed animals where they’ll be in sight.

Clear storage bins

If your children have a large number of stuffed animals, a clear storage bin in the corner of the room may do the trick. Again, your kids will find comfort by keeping their beloved plush toys in view. If there’s no space for a large bin, you can also get a flat bin that fits under the bed.

Bedroom storage bench

With a bedroom storage bench, your kids’ stuffed animals will be out of sight and the room will look neat. Plus, they’ll have a cute, cozy bench to sit on, and their toys will always be within reach.

How you and your children organize their rooms is totally based on your preferences. These options give choices of displaying your kids’ stuffed animals or placing them neatly on display. You can even combine some of these ideas if your kids have a high volume of toys cluttering their rooms.

Whichever method or methods you choose, they’ll give you peace of mind knowing there’s a system in place to keep your kids’ rooms looking just as nice and put-together as the rest of your home.

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