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Kids’ bedding that doesn’t scream ‘theme’ – Your children may just love these ideas

These kids' bedding options will make their room a dream

When kids reach a certain age, many seem to land on a favorite movie, cartoon, or team. When that happens, their bedrooms can turn into a reenactment of sorts, with toys, dolls, posters, blankets, and even bedding flanked in their chosen obsession. While it’s adorable, and we love to inspire play and imagination, sometimes it can feel like a little too much of a good thing. If you’re looking to keep your kid’s room theme-free (or as close as possible), here are some kids’ bedding ideas that will inspire you to get started.

Try dark colors

Yes, kids can get a bit messy, so if you can avoid a pristine white duvet, why not save yourself the cleaning headache? We love this Crate and Barrel dark blue organic reversible cotton blanket. It’s soft and warm and washes up like a dream. The color also goes with just about anything, so you could opt for pink or green sheets and then cover it with ivory or light gray pillows to keep it a bit brighter.

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If you love color, we also think this marshmallow puff comforter from Urban Outfitters would look stunning in a kid’s room of any age. It’s a fun design, and the bold texture would look gorgeous paired with a striped rug and ivory furniture.

Add a bit of design

If you want to add a little fun, check out this West Elm modern mix comforter. It’s got a ton of shapes, designs, and colors, and with this being more dramatic, you could paint it with crisp white or gray sheets. It also gives a lot of options for decor, like rugs, curtains, and furniture because of its whimsical design.

Use gender-neutral bedding

If you want to splurge on your kid’s room and love all things gender-neutral, we love this Bowie striped cotton duvet from Perigold. It’s an investment, but this duvet would be a great idea if your kid’s bedroom also doubles as a guest room when you host friends and family. They have sheets available that would pair perfectly with an Eastern flair, making it a room that inspires travel and fun.

It’s not that you can’t have a cute, themed sports pillow or a blanket with their favorite Disney character, but these are just a few ways you can use kids’ bedding to keep the entire space looking fresh and classic throughout the years. It’s not cheap to redecorate a kid’s room (or replace bedding every time they change their minds), so these options allow you to keep an expensive item like a duvet or comforter consistent and then change out pillows and other small items to keep up with your child’s ever-changing imagination and favorites.

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