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7 appealing driveway design ideas that will make your home exterior look luxe

Spruce up your exterior with these driveway ideas that are sure to make your home stand out

Modern house with a brick driveway

When it comes to adding curb appeal and updating the landscaping, one exterior project that’s often neglected is the driveway. However, the driveway happens to be one of the first things people see when approaching a home. It takes up a lot of space and can easily look unappealing in your exterior design. That’s why updating your driveway is so important, as it can enhance curb appeal and make your home exterior look luxe and elegant.

While it’s easy to opt for a classic gravel, cement, or asphalt driveway, most hotels and luxury homes choose to create a driveway that feels more elegant and detailed. So today, we’re sharing tips on how you can update a boring driveway and turn it into a statement piece on the property. Check out these seven driveway ideas and maybe one will hit the mark with you.

Use brick instead of cement or asphalt

One of the best ways to update a drab driveway is to use brick instead of cement or asphalt. Cement, asphalt, and gravel are the most common driveway materials, but all of them can appear boring or like an afterthought in your exterior design. Instead, why not mimic hotels and luxury homes by opting for brick driveway pavers instead? Brick driveways look luxe, and there are several colors and patterns to choose from. Depending on your exterior palette, you can opt for red, cream, brown, or tan bricks to add some more color to your home’s exterior.

Additionally, you can choose a pattern that draws the eye to a focal point in your design. Whether you choose swirls that flow into your garden beds or something more structured and simple that flows into the front walkway, a brick driveway with the right pattern can create stunning visual movement and flow in a design.

Brick house with brick paver driveway

Create a decorative stone edge

While it’s not always possible to have a brick driveway on your property, you can still spruce up the pavement or cement by adding a decorative stone edge. Decorative driveway edges create a clean edge that helps add more visual interest and detailing to the front landscape.

Stone edges also make the driveway feel more intentional and less like a project that got pushed to the side until the last minute. There are several different stones and colors to choose from when creating a decorative driveway edge. Simple brick edges and asymmetrical stone path edges are popular choices for adding a luxe touch to your design.

The exterior of a light yellow house

Proper landscaping is a must

Driveway landscaping is a super easy and affordable way to enhance your curb appeal and make this space feel intentional. Adding garden beds along the driveway with flowers or small shrubs will not only invite greenery into this space, but it will make the driveway appear elegant and luxe. You can also consider lining a long driveway with trees or adding low hedges for more separation and privacy in the design. For curved driveways, rows of flowers or rose bushes can be great choices.

A house with a sale sign in the yard and a curved driveway

If you can, curve your driveway

If you have a long driveway or have plenty of unused space in your front yard, curving your driveway could be a great way to add more visual interest. Now, not everyone can add a curve at the end of their driveway, as it is dependent on the space available as well as what would look best for the house’s exterior.

However, if you can curve your driveway, doing so can make your property look more interesting and elegant. Many hotels and luxury homes have curved driveways in the front leading up to the house. Adding a statement piece like a fountain, topiary, or flower bed can also make this addition stand out.

Cobblestone driveway

Consider a cobblestone driveway

Aside from brick, cobblestone driveways are a popular addition that adds a hint of English countryside flair to your exterior design. For lovers of the cottagecore aesthetic, this driveway trend could be a great way to spruce up the space and give your exterior more character and charm.

Cobblestone driveways are also great for homeowners who have less space and want to make the most of their landscape aesthetics. These stones can be more visually appealing and are easy to integrate into front pathways. Additionally, cobblestone looks organic and natural, especially alongside native wildflowers in the nearby landscaping.

Ranch style house with nice grass

Blend the driveway with the front path

An easy way to make your driveway feel more connected to your exterior design is to blend the driveway with the front path. Using the same material on the driveway and the front path is best, as this will visually pull the two elements together. For example, a brick driveway that blends with a brick path will look more refined.

Alternatively, you might use the stone edges of your driveway along the edge of your front path to better blend the two, even if the driveway and path aren’t the same material. Using uniform edging or materials on these pathways makes the design look and feel more intentional and sophisticated.

Outdoor square pathway with lighting

Don’t forget about landscape lighting

Of course, you don’t want to forget about landscape lighting when working on updating your driveway. Lights lining the driveway in the flower beds are a go-to for many homeowners. This illuminates the pathway at night and adds a more elegant touch to the driveway, making it feel like a vital part of the exterior design. Choosing solar stake lights is a common choice. Though, if you want a more glamorous touch, you might consider adding tall lamp posts down the length of your driveway instead.

Don’t let your driveway become a forgotten part of your design. It’s a vital part of your exterior and often takes up a great deal of space on the property. Rather than neglecting it, use these tips to spruce up your driveway and create a luxe look in your exterior design.

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